Beverly’s Caged Lillipop

Tiny, Tinier, Tiniest

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BEVv142 – Beverly’s Caged Lollipop – Beverly owns a Tiny that she keeps caged so it doesn’t escape… again. Yup, her Tiny got away while Beverly was sleeping and it took Beverly 3 days to find it again, so from now one she isn’t taking any chances. Beverly reminds her Tiny that it’s nickname is ‘Lollipop’ for a reason, and that is because Beverly loves to have a lollipop inside her mouth, and the punishment is to BE Beverly’s lollipop!

Beverly pulls a tongue depressor stick from her bra, but she soon realizes that her Tiny is too big to fit on her stick, so Beverly casts a spell and shrinks her caged Tiny to make it even tinier! *POOF*

Beverly tapes the tinier version of her Tiny to the stick and begins to lick and suck and her Tiny is getting a full slathering of spit and the view straight down into Beverly’s throat. All this tasting of Beverly’s Tiny is making her stomach growl and she is hungry. Beverly acknowledges that is she eats her Tiny, she won’t have a Lollipop to lick and suck anymore, but her hunger is making the choice for her… Beverly will eat. Oh, but maybe you’re still just a wee bit large to swallow, so Beverly puts her tinier Tiny on a stick back into the cage and casts her shrink spell again *POOF*

Now Beverly’s tinier Tiny is even tinier that it ever was. Still taped to the stick, Beverly licks, sucks and basically uses her tiniest Tiny as a ‘tongue scraper’… face first being dragged along Beverly’s tongue and pushed so far back that her tiniest Tiny is looking right down her throat. Beverly licks her tiniest Tiny and makes it look down her throat and to listen to her roaring stomach. Beverly is hungry!

Beverly presses her tiniest Tiny against her rumbling stomach so it can hear it’s fate. Beverly bites off the stick that has her tiniest Tiny taped to it and sucks on her tiniest Tiny as rides around inside Beverly’s mouth on it’s wooden sled. Beverly decides she can’t eat wood, so she removes her tiniest Tiny from his taped prison, pops the tiniest Tiny into her mouth, and lets it slowly make it’s way down her throat.

Beverly yawns, burps a lot and talks to the tiniest Tiny inside of her until she’ feels too sleepy and takes a nap.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.44GB
TIME: 16:31


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