Custom Clips

We really aren’t thrilled with making custom clips. We had a bad experience with a custom customer, really bad and decided not to put ourselves in that position again. We do what we do, and that’s about it. If you have a good idea, you can feel free to submit it to us, but no guarantee that we’ll do it, or even reply. If you do send us an idea, it’s best to keep it simple and short, because we just need to see the main concept, and not read 3 pages of “she breathed deeply, paranoid as a drop of sweat drips from her eyebrow… ” Please keep it simple and brief.

If by some miracle we accept your request, we will notify you of any next steps. Also, we’ve never made a custom for less than $200 because we don’t have models living here in the studio, so they will need to be booked, then travel to our studio, study your script/story, get themselves made-up nice, etc. Shooting your customs and getting them straight are a lot of work, and in fact ‘much more work’ than doing our own little thing.

Sorry if all that sounded rude. We LOVE making the clips we make, and working with the models we work with, and we’re happy doing just what we’re doing.

Send all custom ideas/requests to