Custom Clips

We do make custom clips starting at $200

We will create your custom and also send you any other clips shot on the same day we shoot your custom.

The models available for customs are always the most recent models you see on the home page under “New In”
Because some of our models move away, or live far from the studio, we always ask that you see which models
have been shooting with us recently as those recent models are likely to be close by, and available.

Customs should be within the scope of what you’ve historically seen in our stores.
Just candy, dolls or fish. Just Giantess Vore.

No Crush. No nostrils. No smoking. No standing on their heads, LOL, we make Giantess Vore stories, nothing else. If you’re a fan of the type of content we produce, and you want your custom idea shot in our style of shooting, then you are the type of customer we make customs for. We can even help develop your story.

If however, you are not a fan of our content, but just like one of our models and you like our style of shooting so you want us to shoot your custom of something we don’t typically do… that’s probably not going to happen. Now, we did once shoot Egypt cover herself in shaving cream, but the client offered $1500. So, yes we’re very particular, but not stupid.

We do spit and drool with the FLY360 waterproof POV camera, but no hocking up snot and phlegm.

We also do finger and nose licking/sucking/biting clips you may have seen in our C4S store. If you’re into that, you’ve seen them.

If that’s all okay with you, you may submit a brief description of your custom order (before paying) to
Gabby (my assistant) and we will let you know the same day if we accept your custom, and if your model
is willing and available.

Send all custom requests to

Here is a recent testimonial to our custom work:

 “Thanks for the clip, absolutely nailed it. Loved the surprise addition of Valerie at the start (her reactions were hilarious). Charlotte was brilliantly wild and out of control, yet so in command as with any clip I’ve seen of hers. What I love about your productions was all over this clip, the angles and the shots are so professionally chosen on spot. So congrats to you guys for bringing some of my fantasy to life. I really appreciated this.”

If you have already emailed Gabby and she has approved your custom, you can go to this page to pay the $200 custom fee: