Wink’s Shamu of a Deal
As the title would imply,
Wink swallows BIG fish
and you save $.

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video 1
– Wink in, ‘Big Fat Crazy Straw ‘-
This was Wink’s 1st shoot of the day, a short clip,  so we’re listing it first. Wink had an apple fritter for breakfast, but nothing since and it’s well into the afternoon when they began shooting this clip, so Wink was hungry.

Jim made meatball and pasta for Wink to have when she arrived the day before, and it’s her favorite so she was already very excited to eat again. Wink shows her bowl of deliciousness to her tiny victims, swimming helplessly in a glass cup full of water… water Wink plans to drink to wash down her meal, and the fact that there are tinies in the water is of zero concern to Wink, and they’ll all go down with the water, simple as that.

Wink eats all her food, in full view of the defenseless minnows… they have no choice but to watch stuff being shoved into a giant hole with braced teeth, and it all just disappears into a black hole, at least that’s what the minnows must be thinking, and hoping they’re not next.

Anyway, Wink takes her last bites, then picks up her big fat crazy straw, and starts to slurp. Wink is getting a lot of water at first, so she slurps harder and harder and the minnows begins to rise up, into the tube, into her mouth and *GULP*

You can really hear Wink gulping the water down and whatever’s ‘in’ the water is going down too. So there’s a bunch of fish in the cup, and most all get sucked up like a vacuum and you see them ascending in the tube, but 2 managed to escape Wink’s throat, and are laying on her tongue… but not for long *GULP*

When Wink is finished, she burps and lays on the couch to digest. There are some LOUD stomach sounds throughout the digestion scene.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.03GB
TIME: 8:28


video 2
Wink in, ‘Samba Swallower’ – Wink still has a belly full of pasta and Minnows, and it’s making her sleepy, which is not good because she has plans to go out dancing later in the evening. What Wink needs is an energy drink, and MORE PROTEIN!

Hm, when Wink was out in the garage earlier getting the minnows, she saw some HUGE goldfish in the tank, and that’s where the clip begins… with Wink walking into the scene carrying 4 GIANT goldfish.
(side note; Wink is an overachiever, and if you send her out to get fish, she finds the biggest fish she can find, that’s just Wink)

Wink wears a classy dress and dances a lot in this clip. She also does belly rolls with a belly full of fish, and stay tuned for some atomic burping at the end.

The idea was for Wink to swallow the fish, but to drink the energy drink at the same time, so the fish would go down smoother… but NOOOOOO, Wink has to prove her bad-assness and try to open mouth swallow Shamu. Wink has some trouble getting the BIG guy to slide down, he’s just too BIG! Wink feels she needs some practice as it’s been over a month since she had such LARGE prey, so she grabs a bag of gummy worms and shows the fish what’s in store for them, as soon as she’s had some open mouth swallowing practice.

This clip is fantastic if you enjoy watching a giant fish, slide down Wink’s tongue, and vanish in her throat… her tongue even lifts in the back as if she’s swallowed it permanently, but 2 seconds later, he comes back out, fighting like mad. Big fish have lots more energy and can survive much longer than small, frail fish, and they often flip and flop themselves right into Wink’s throat, it’s really awesome to see.

Despite the several failed swallows from earlier in the clip, Wink is always so determined to get it perfect, and she has no time for self pity, doubt or frustration. She simply perseveres until she’s the G.O.A.T.

Wink begins to drink her BIG fish with her energy drink to get them down easier, and she can really feel the fish swimming like crazy inside and she wonders if they’re stimulated by the energy drink.

After swallowing her last HUGE goldfish, Wink continues to chug the remainder of her energy drink, and the camera is directly under Wink’s neck so it’s loud and graphic as she chugs the carbonated caffeine.

BURP!!!!!! Wink sits on the floor and is blasting out belches that sound like atomic explosions. It’s unnatural 😐

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.70GB
TIME: 19:34


behind the scenes
– 167 and 168 Behind The Scenes –
This reel has a full scene of Wink trying to open mouth swallow that GIANT black goldfish, so she grabbed the fish, and open mouth swallowed him, but he came back out, and Wink wanted to break. It was the first time she’s swallowed any fish in over a month, so she struggled a bit. This reel also contains all of Wink’s fish tank hunting expeditions, plus some bloopers and stuff. Oh, ewe but it has the 4 GIANT goldfish eating Wink’s phlegm from the top of the water… ewe right? But the fish were fighting each other to eat it, so they must know and love Wink like we all do.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 12:23


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