Valerie HUNTS For
Her Food!

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VALv151 – Valerie’s Spontaneous Live Buffet – Valerie just finished shooting the clip where she eats a lobster and 1 live goldfish, and she’s ready to eat more. A lot more. You see, Valerie knows she’s gonna eat a lot of fish, or eels, or whatever when she visits the studio, so she purposely starves herself the day before and the morning of a shoot. This ensures Valerie has a lot of room for a lot of fish. Well, since Valerie has had a 6 month layoff, Jim figured he’d ease her back into it and he planned an easy day. 2 clips was all Jim planned to do… the lobster clip and a Tinies in Capsules themed clip, so directly after Valerie eats lobster, then swallows the fish, she walks back over to the kitchen to discuss the next clip, but when Jim tells her they’re almost done and just 1 Tinies in Capsules clip left to do, Valerie begins to whine! “What do you mean only 1 more little plastic people clip? I’m Hungry! she whines.

Valerie looks at the already rolling camera and asks, “What if I ate all the fish in the tank?” and the voice from behind the camera replies, “I dare you.” and Valerie storms off towards the fish tank. Valerie then peers thru the glass at her prey, taking her time to assess their behavior and plan her attack. Valerie selects her first target, lowers the net into the tank and begins to follow finny mcfinnerson until it runs out of room and she scoops it up into her net. Valerie wastes no time in pulling her prey from the tank and dropping it onto her tongue, aaahhhing and allowing gravity to use it’s force to pull the fish down into her waiting and anticipating throat.
Valerie open mouth swallows more than 6 of the biggest, personally selected by Valerie, captured and immediately consumed goldfish, and 1 fat minnow, oh and 1 tiny minnow that went down with a larger goldfish. Valerie burps in a fish’s face once, and that was nasty >:)

Valerie hangs around the tank after her meal to remind the remaining fish where their freinds are, and where they might end up if they act up. Valerie shows the remaining fish her belly, and lays down in their view so they can watch her digest their tank-mates. Valerie eventually falls into a deep digestion sleep and the video fades to black.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.49GB
TIME: 20:38


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