Valerie Eats a Lobster
AND a Fish, in:

Valerie’s D’ate

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VALv150 – Valerie’s D’ate – Your Valerie’s roommate and she’s offered to cook you dinner tonight, and she’s all ready to cook a lobster for you both to eat, but she was so frantic in getting everything ready, she forgot to go the seafood market to get the lobster. Ah, but not all is lost because Valerie is dead set on eating lobster for dinner, and YOU’ll have to do! Besides, you’re a lousy roommate and Valerie is tired of paying all the bills herself and she figures she can save money if you were gone, and she’d have leftover money for more lobster! Valerie has one transformation spell left, and she decides to use it now!

Valerie is very apologetic to the live lobster and explains that she’s just that way, once she gets an idea in her head, that’s it and she’ll do what it takes to get it done. In this case, she needed Lobster and it was too late to drive all the way out to the fish market, so I did what needed to be done.
*Cook Transformation Scene* (You will NOT see the lobster get cooked. The lobster is alive, then cooked off screen, then returned to the scene in it’s cooked state. In the clip, Valerie waves her hand over the live lobster and with SFX her hand emits heat waves that cook the lobster and the scene continues with the cooked lobster)

Valerie rips her lobster friend in half, then cuts thru its’ hard shell with scissors to get at the meat inside.  Valerie savagely eats/enjoys the Lobster while again apologizing for the inconvenience of expecting dinner, and then becoming dinner, so I get that you’re not happy…  as she eats, her dessert looks on… yes, her dinner date/roommate has a pet goldfish and Valerie decides that ‘IT’ will be dessert! Valerie teases the pet goldfish AND her ex-roommate, now cooked lobster while devouring 50% of its’ flesh . Once Valerie has gotten her fill of lobster, she turns all of her attention to the still swimming, uncooked, and very alive pet goldfish.
Valerie teases her dessert as she carries it to the couch, strips down to her undies. Valerie picks her victim from the bowl, places it on her tongue and allows it to slowly slide down her throat. Valerie’s gag reflex rejects her first attempt to swallow, but her tiny pet slide right down on her second swallow.
Hope you like Lobster, says Valerie.
*Digestion Scene*. There’s a longer than usual digestion scene because Valerie swallowed a live fish.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.55GB
TIME: 21:30


VALv150BTS – Valerie’s D’ate Behind The Scenes – Valerie’s 1st look at the live lobster, and her reaction. Plus the hysterical behind the scenes of Valerie taking the lobster out of the bag… she was terrified of the lobster, it’s so funny. Also Valerie’s hunt for the fish and a whole unedited scene that was caught on a separate camera that was rolling.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 5:58


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