Valerie’s ‘Grow’ Day SFX

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VALv144 – Valerie’s ‘Grow’ Day SFXValerie’s roommate is such a slob. She shrank him days ago, in anticipation of her work-out today, because she’ll need the extra protein so her muscles can grow. Val talking to tiny in jar Valerie tells her roommate that she’s been saving him for today. Today is her workout day, and you’re going to be her post workout protein.

NOTE: The Tiny inside the Jar, and later inside the capsule is an animated figure and it reacts to Valerie and is moves around a lot.

“Awe, Had only you been more organized, you’d be joining me for a workout instead of nourishing my burning muscles when I’m finished. I mean really, how can you live like you do, making a mess everywhere. Nobody will miss you, trust me.

Valerie takes the Jar with her tiny roommate into the gym room and she works out while making her tiny watch, all the while knowing that ‘they’ will be consumed to repair all the scar tissue she’ll have after her workout. Valerie lifts weights to build her arms, and her chest and Valerie has some guns on her =O
(we shot the workout scene with 2 cameras so you get the best views)

Valerie finishes her workout and grabs her tiny protein pal, and heads off the make a shake.

Valerie sits in her roommates mess, but this time she has a shake and her tiny roommate is now inside a capsule. Valerie gulps down much of her shake, but saves some so she can wash down her protein pill. Valerie pops the capsule into her mouth, and chugs the rest of her shake *GLUB, GLUB, GLUB, GLUB, GLUB*
(the capsule that eventually goes into Valerie’s mouth has a tiny plastic figure inside, and Valerie really does swallows the capsule and the tiny figure inside)

Valerie imagines you floating in the capsule, on top of the shake’s foam and she talks about how her tiny roommate must be surrounded by popping bubbles and every bubble that pops brings him closer to her hydrochloride acid pool.

There’s a long digestion scene with stomach sounds and a growth nap.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.73GB
TIME: 14:22


‘Justincaseforyou, Inc’ will appear on your credit card
or bank statement as the beneficiary of this transaction

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