Valerie’s Sexy Shower Swallows
10 Fish Go Down
Plus Behind The Scenes

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VALv141 – Valerie’s Sexy Shower Swallows – Valerie had just finished shooting VALv143 (coming soon) and because there was an outdoors scene, Valerie got a little dirty. Valerie was full of energy and was anxious to get to the next clip where she was gonna swallow 10 goldfish, but Jim thought she should shower before sitting on his couch, right? Valerie hates to slow down, so she suggested she swallow the 10 fish IN the shower, and Jim agreed to this.

Houston, we had a problem… the problem is that Valerie hasn’t swallowed any fish in more than 7 months, and she’s a bit rusty. Actually, Valerie had been failing with the fish swallows all day, and Jim was losing hope. Valerie selected all the largest fish in the tank, and Jim warned her maybe she should try a smaller fish, but nope, she wanted to amaze her fans. So, in the BTS clip included in this purchase, there’s basically a whole clip with this giant fish, but Valerie couldn’t swallow him and dang near choked herself trying. Jim said that he was done and that he’d pay Valerie, but didn’t want to shoot anymore that day.

Valerie doesn’t like to disappoint, and she begged Jim for one last chance. “But why?” Jim asked because he had begged her to take smaller fish, and also to stop trying to open mouth swallow, and just close her mouth to swallow, and even sip some water to help, but Valerie kept saying that ‘she couldn’t and this had been going on ALL DAY’. Well, Jim made her a deal, and said there’s was no sense in getting 10 more fish only to choke, so he suggested that if she could pull a fish from the tank and swallow it, then she could fill the jar and they’d head back up to the shower to try one last time. She did it, so the shoot was back on.

This time Valerie listened to Jim and selected reasonably sized goldfish, and she closed her mouth to swallow the bigger fish, so this video went amazingly well 🙂 Valerie looks so sexy when she’s wet in the shower, and she swallows all 10 goldfish one at a time, some while she is standing, and others while she squats down to give us a better view of the smaller fish that she is able to open mouth swallow, so it’s a mix of closed and open mouth swallows, while posing sexy as the water runs down her fit body.

After Valerie has swallowed all 10 fish, she pours the fish water all over her body (weird, right?) and begins to taunt them inside of her, and tease them about coming to her house to look for her Step-Bro (this was supposed to be about her Step-Bros friends coming to look for him after she swallows him in Valv143 – coming soon) but after such a long day of trial and error shooting, Jim forgot to go back and shoot the group of Step-Bros friends getting shrunk scene, whoops.

Valerie gets out of the shower and sits on the toilet to digest her very large meal of victims >:)

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 11:09


VALv141BTS – Sexy Shower Swallow FAIL & Behind The Scenes – Valerie’s trips to the tank, all her swallow fails and bloopers.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.00GB
TIME: 11:22


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