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SONRv1 – Sonrisa in, Our Worst Vore Clip Ever – Yeah, just trying to be honest… Sonrisa is a Latina sweetie, don’t get me wrong, and her mouth is grand… only problem is she doesn’t really speak English, so she didn’t do much talking, but Sonrisa can open mouth swallow and she’s pretty hot. So, because there’s no dialog, and it was Sonrisa’s first time with Giantess content, we wanted to keep the price low. If you’re down for some open mouth gummy swallowing by a big mouth Latina, you’ll like this clip.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.03GB
TIME: 11:55


SONRv2 – Sonrisa in, Our 2nd Worst Vore Clip Ever – Yeah, just trying to be honest again… Sonrisa does a good job keeping her victim looking down her throat, while giving it long licks from toes to head. Sonrisa has nice feet, and she uses them to crush her victim under her weight. Sonrisa’s cute little butt is like a planet to her victim, and she sits down on it, smothering it under her enormous weight. Anyway, all that sounds good on this page, and she does it all, but again she doesn’t say a word, so if you like Sonrisa, she looks hot as heck making this content.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 6:12

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