EdenΒ  Sins is Cheater Eater!

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By the way, the clips is numbered 25 only because Jim forgot what the last Eden clip number was, and he needed to name it and 25 sounded safe πŸ˜‰Β  so, you haven’t missed a bunch of Eden clips.

ESv25 – Eden in; The Cheater Eater – We enter Eden’s room where she’s already punishing her Tiny for messing around with other girls. Eden is enormous, and fine AF, so is she not enough? Eden, with sandwich and chips in hand, has her Ex Tiny pinned under her foot, and we’re just in time to watch what goes down. Eden is quite upset with Tiny, and this is evidenced by Eden’s potty mouth, and by the fact that she spits food when she talks aggressively. Eden eats her sandwich, bite by bite as she taunts her Tiny with ideas of swallowing it as she drools and spits even more food all over Tiny. When Eden has finished her sandwich and chips, she picks Tiny up and suggests that they go into the kitchen to find some dessert. Yup, Eden is still hungry, so she tucks her Tiny into her panties and heads out to search the cupboards…

Eden returns to her room with Tiny and explains that due to the fact that she’s grocery impaired, Tiny will need to be her dessert. Tiny deserves this anyway, and Eden will use her potty mouth to tell you all about it 😐

Eden smashes her Tiny between her giant balloon boobs, then they listen to her growling stomach together. Eden shows her Tiny one last time where his final destination is and she moves Tiny closer and closer… AAAHHHH… GULP!

Eden talks to the Tiny digesting inside of her before yawning and falling asleep.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.10GB
TIME: 15:23


ESv25BTS – The Cheater Eater Behind The Scenes- This a video of scenes that were interrupted in an effort to make improvements. Basically Eden starts a scene and maybe 1/4 or half way thru, Jim stops her with a change or different direction. It happens all the time as they are shooting. Maybe you can compare the scenes here to what made the final film and decide if it’s better or worse.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 2:45


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