Video C82 Giantess Neighbor and she’s hungry

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Video C82 Giantess Neighbor and she’s hungry – You’re watching TV with your roommate and are frustrated because there’s nothing good to watch and you’re both starving. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door, it’s your new “hot girl” neighbor. “Hi I’m Gabby, I just moved in next door and I’ve not yet had a chance to shop for food. Do you mind if I come in to see what’s in there for me to eat?” You explain that you too are hungry and you were just talking to your roomy about going out because there is nothing in the house to eat. Gabby explains that she’s quite sure there is food for her and she goes on to tell you that YOU are in fact her food. “How do you propose to eat us?” you ask. Gabby unleashes what looks to be a gentle blow from her lips but the sound and feeling was akin to a hurricane blast of air. Suddenly you feel different as everything around you becomes larger, and larger. Gabby picks up your friend from the couch and licks hi gently. You are forced to watch Gabby torture your friend inside her mouth before seeing him drop down into her belly. Gabby then picks you up and places on top of her gigantic tummy where you can hear your friend crying for help. She encourages you to listen to him as she brings you closer to her wide open mouth. “WAIT!” you scream. You ask Gabby not to digest you, but how will she be able to swallow you and satiate her hunger without digesting you. Gabby lies and promises not to digest you. Gabby forces your tiny body onto her enormous tongue that just laps you up and into her wet cave. Are you ready? Are you ready to join your friend? GULP and don you go. Gabby apologizes and talks to you from outside while you slowly digest on the inside.

Time: 17:00 | Size: 670MB | Format: WMV HD 1280 X 720


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