Classic Clips

NOTE: OralVore Classic Clips are in either MP4 OR WMV video files – Please read the video file format description for each product before you buy.

This category contains Classic clips produced by OralVore between 2011 and 2013. The producer and cameraman are the same as VoreWhores current, but Jim’s angles and frame selections are different in his old clips. If you love Jim’s current style of shooting, you may not be crazy about his old stuff as he tended to get up-close in that mouth, and not show the model’s whole face as he does today.

Check the resolution of each clap and they vary from 720 to 1080 to 4K depending on how long ago we shot it.

Keep checking back because we will be adding more classics clips over the coming weeks.

Showing 1–8 of 70 results

Showing 1–8 of 70 results