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wv87.mp4 – Wink Eats You and Your Useless Dog – The beginning of the clip, Wink apologizes to you for wasting your perfectly good neighbor. Once you read the descriptions of the clips below, you’ll understand why Wink is apologizing, and the whole neighbor thing.

You enter Wink’s room, and notice a lot of food on the table, and a cup with a small fish inside, but when you ask about the fish, Wink just tells you that she will tell you later. Wink is very hungry, and she’s already wasted your neighbor, and you live in the sticks, so there are no other neighbors within reasonable distance. Reasonable in the sense that Wink wants to eat now, and not in 20 or 30 minutes, she tells you that YOU will need to be her food *POOF*, and she shrinks and transforms you into a goldfish.

Wink picks you up and puts you on the table with all the other food. Wink takes a few bites of her pasta salad, then she tells you that the small fish you asked about earlier is your dog! She was able to come into your house when you were out, so she figured the dog is useless anyway, and she can use the protein.

Wink takes another bite of her pasta salad and she chews it up real good, then she drops your useless dog right inside her mouth with all the food *GULP* Wink closes her mouth and your dog and a mouthful of pasta salad slide down her throat together. Wink continues to eat her food while reminding you that you will be next. Wink makes a point to show you her food after she’s chewed it up, just to mess with you.

Once Wink has finished her pasta salad, she tells you that she’s been saving you for desert, and it’s desert time NOW! Wink fills her mouth with tapioca rice pudding, then she grabs you from your cup and places you right in her mouth, covered in all that delicious pudding. Then Wink closes her mouth and swallows you and all that pudding right down.

Wink is so happy to have you and your stupid dog in her stomach. She tells you she is more deserving of your fats, and nutritional content than you or your dumb dog were. At least now you will have a worthwhile cause, and live thru Wink.

There’s a long digestion scene. The fish Wink swallowed was strong, and because she drank so much water, he was flipping inside of her a lot and she even points to where she can feel it jumping and her stomach moves a tiny bit.She keeps talking about it until she can’t feel you anymore.

We didn’t get any stomach sounds during the digestion scene, but Wink kept eating this day and her stomach was making a lot of noise later, so Jim recorded that, and added it to one of the clips below. Her stomach sounded very, very busy.

wv86c.mp4 – Wink’s Fail – Wink planned to do something new, and really cool, but it didn’t quite work-out and you will see the sadness in Wink’s face at the end. The plan was for Wink to eat a sandwich in front of a fish, then on her last bite, she was to add the fish and chew it all up and swallow it. It all went well until the last bite, LOL. Actually, Wink put the fish inside the sandwich, then bit half the sandwich. When she shows the sandwich, you can see she has bitten off the fishes tail, and she chews, and chews, Jim signls her to hurry because the fish can’t breathe inside the sandwich, so she shoves the rest of the sandwich into her mouth, bites down and spits it all out. She says the fish tasted like death, but Jim figures the fish was long dead anyway, so the clips was a failure.

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