Wink Eats Your Neighbor

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wv86a.mp4 – Wink Eats Your Neighbor Part One – Wink finishes her workout and she needs some protein so she can make some gains. She asks if your neighbor lives alone, then she runs over there to shrink him, bring him back to your house, cook him and eat him! WTF? Wink claims it’s Vore Season and that your neighbor should have known better than to keep his guard down when he lives next to a VoreWhore. Wink puts your nighbor in the oven (POV) and then she turn to talk to you while he cooks. Wink explains that ever since she started working for VoreWhores, she has made some big muscle gains and she belives that it is due 100% to human consumption. Wink also explains that the shrinking process only reduces the amount of food a Giantess has to take-in, but the protein content remains the same. Kinda like how Ant-Man can be tiny, but still have super-human strength. Wink eats the nieghbor while showing him his body chewed up, and teasing him.

wv86b.mp4 – Wink Eats Your Neighbor Part Two – We split wv86 because it’s so long. It takes a long time to eat a big chicken, LOL. We didn’t get any stomach sounds during the digestion scene, but Wink kept eating this day and her stomach was making a lot of noise later, so Jim recorded that, and added it to this digestion scene for effect. Her stomach sounded very, very busy.

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File Size: 1.44GB
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Resolution: 3840 X 2160

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