Wink’s Gluttenous Rampage!
Plus a Surprise You Won’t Believe

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WV170 – Wink’s Gluttenous Rampage – Wink has just finished making Wv170 where she eats 4 goldfish in her tuna salad, but she’s still hungry and she wants to eat more fish, but also play with them >:) so she scoops ALL the fish from the tank, and brings them back the glass table…

Wink didn’t tell Jim what was on her mind, but she was curious about something she’s been talking about, but never tried… it’s kinda graphic, but you might like it 😉 and our editor put what she does at the end, after the VW logo screen, so you can skip to the end to see it immediately, or you can wait until the regular clip ends to see what Wink was so curious to try.

Wink has a BIG bowl of goldfish, and she plans to swallow them ALL, but not before having some fun. Wink gives one of her victims her FOOT, then se picks it up with her toes, and eats it from her toes… *GULP*.  Another fish gets to see Wink’s giant butt coming closer and closer, until she sits on it before swallowing it. Boobs, mouth, spit, tongue are all in these fishes’ future… oh, but for 3 of them, they get sucked up in a thick straw *SLURP – GULP* pretty cool 😉

Wink lets out some awesome BURPS, like dude burps, and she burps her loud, long burps right in the fishes’ faces, then blows the smell of their digesting friends into their faces. That was just downright unnecessary, but cool!

Wink swallows her last goldfish, and ooooo, she’s so FULL from all that food! Wink needs to lay down to digest her BIG meal, or should I say little snacks that equate to a BIG meal? We added some loud digestion sounds while Wink naps.

She’s now digesting the 4 goldfish and large bowl of tuna salad from Wv170, AND the rest of the many fish from the tank.

Don’t forget to watch beyond the logo screen at the end to see Wink satisfy her ‘curiosity’ with something we don’t often see the models do with the fish =O

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