Wink in, “Just Desserts””

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Wv165 – Wink in, “Just Desserts” – Wink has been waiting several months for her Orthodontist to prescribe the rubber bands so she can wear them in her videos. Honestly, Wink’s teeth are perfect and she only got the braces so she could make better videos, and because Wink now has her rubber bands, she no longer has a need for her overpriced, and strict Orthodontist. So, Wink shrank him and brought him home so she could tease him and swallow him in private.

Wink has shrunken her Ortho so tiny, that he can easily hold on to her tongue’s smallest taste buds to avoid dropping down her throat completely. Because he hangs on so well, the slide down Wink’s throat is a very, very, very slow process. Wink keeps her mouth wide open the whole time, so it’s a long slide down with a long AAAAAHHHHH show.

Once Wink’s Ortho has slide out of sight, Wink can feel him hanging on about mid-way down, and she points to it and describes the feeling. Wink moves her throat up and down and side to side to shake-up the tiny in her esophagus, and she reminds me of a crane, or pelican try to down a fish. Anyway, Wink feels him in her esophagus, but she doesn’t want to swallow her saliva right now, because she doesn’t want to wash him down yet.

While her tiny Orhto is still stuck in her throat, Wink remembers that she has a surprise for him and she reveals that she has also shrunken his car, and she shoves it in her mouth and the tiny car rolls right down Wink’s throat! So Yes, she really swallows the tiny guy and the tiny car.

As the car is rolling down Wink’s throat, she feels that her tiny Ortho has managed to get into the car and continue his journey in the temporary protecting of his little red sports car. Wink drinks no water or anything, so she can feel these objects moving down very slowly.

There’s a digestion scene with LOTS of stomach digestion sound action!

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TIME: 16:07


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