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WV162 – Wink’s ‘Recycled’ Guests – Wink gets home from the beach, and she plops down on the sofa to check her email. Wink checks her email more now that she has her own shoppe, because people ask for customs. Initially, Wink was hoping for the benefit of custom orders, and she is getting a lot of them… problem is, 98% of custom requests are for fish, or people are just asking if there will be more fish, and Wink is tired of it!

“You want to see another fish clip?!?!” says Wink to her phone, out of frustration. Wink decides to reply to the last 3 people that asked about fish, with an invitation to meet her at the studio, and watch her swallow fish. You arrive with 2 other lucky guests, and you knock, but Wink was waiting and opens the door wearing a sexy dominatrix outfit, and invites you all inside. Once inside, Wink (holding a fish bowl) explains that she is annoyed by your fish persistence, and to teach you a lesson, instead of ‘watching’  her make a fish video, you 3 will ‘BE’ the fish video!!!

*Shrink Scene * Wink lowers the bowl as you shrink, and when she raises the bowl back towards her face, it now contains you, and the other 2 guests, but as fish.. very large fish too. Wink grabs her 1st victim from the bowl, and squeezes him between her giant gobonzas! Then she gets him with her mouth, plays with him a bit, actually he’s a fighter and it’s a battle, but he finally takes that slide to heaven, and Wink opens wide so you can see that enormous fish slide into her throat. Wink is visibly and genuinely experiencing some odd sensations as one of these monster fish wriggles it’s way down, and she can barely breath as he fills her esophagus. Very exciting!

So, Wink open mouth swallows all 3 of these whales, and now she’s both satisfied, and exhausted from the struggles, so she lays down and starts to digest. Just before Wink can fall deep asleep, you and the 2 other guests put up a big struggle and you actually find a way out. Wink jumps up off the sofa and all 3 guests come shooting out of her butt, and onto the floor. Wink quickly scoops you all up, scolds you for escaping and threatens you if you try that again, as she shoves one of you into her mouth, kicks her head back and *GULP*, down you go again.

Wink re-open mouth swallows all 3 big ass fish again, but this time they stay down, and Wink can properly digest them. Wink yawns, and falls into a deep digestion nap.

There are some belly rolls and you can hear the water sloshing around (and remember there are really 6 big fish in her stomach in the end, not 3 😉 Awesome Clip!

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.38GB
TIME: 16:05


WV162BTS – Wink’s ‘Recycled’ Guests, Behind The Scenes and Bloopers – Wink and Jim are both picky about dialog, so they both often trash a scene and start all over again, this video is a lot of that, but you can hear all the decision making as they create the scenes, so that might be interesting, and who can get too much Wink? Not me 🙂 Interesting thing happened with this clip, Jim wrote it so that 6 fish would be swallowed, then another 6 would be the recycled fish, so 12 fish total. When getting the fish, the employee was so slow that it was taking forever to get 12 fish, in fact Jim was concerned that the 8 fish in the bag would suffocate before the guy got the 12th fish, so Jim said 8 was good and just figured he’d adjust the script. But, later when they started shooting, Wink grabbed 6 fish from the tank and they started shooting (WHOOPS!) Good thing Jim caught it, and sent Wink back to return 3 of the fish. Also by chance, Wink grabbed 3 fish, then the next 3 fish were absolutely identical to the 1st 3. Complete coincidence, so I guess the clip was meant to be.

This clip also has the trips to the fish tank.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.19GB
TIME: 9:58

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WV161 – PROOF!! Wink’s a Vore Whore – I don’t know if you follow oralvore on Twitter, but we post a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ pics when Wink visits, because she stays for a few days and she and Jim do stuff when not shooting. One of the places you’ll see Jim drag the girls to is the nature preserve. Wink has often rode bikes back in there, walked back in there, and even flown Jim’s drone back in there, so it’s not unusual for Jim to be filming Wink in that nature preserve.

Having said that, Wink is walking around, enjoying the lake and nature while Jim films, but she is distracted by the faint sound of baby birds chirping, and she seems to be looking for the source of the sounds. Jim, never knowing what could happen with Wink, follows along to document whatever. Wink is intrigued and keeps following the faint cries of baby birds, and Jim follows thinking she’ll never find a bird’s nest, because those would be up high in a tree, so he follows expecting nothing more than some behind the scenes video.

WRONG!!! Hey, it’s Wink.

Wink thinks she must be in the right spot, they sound so close, and she looks down and discovers a tiny blue Robbin egg at her feet. Awe, how cute 🙂 says Wink as she smells it… she smelled it? Why did she smell a baby bird egg? Oh, then she tastes it.. are you kidding me? Wink was so excited, like she won the lottery or something.

Wink quickly realizes that an egg on the ground might mean a nest above, and sure enough, to both their surprise, a Robbin’s nest with 5 or 6 tiny blue eggs in it.

Wink, being the savage she is, takes all the eggs from the nest, squats down onto the ground, and to Jim’s amazement, she open swallows all but one egg… the runt egg… the tiniest egg is put back into the nest for the Mother Robbin. Awe, what a compassionate animal lover Wink is. Wink suggests leaving before the Mother Robbin returns to find all but one of her babies ate.

Jim’s jaw hit the floor. Absolutely and unpredictably savage. Wink is a true Vore Whore. She is just a down-rite scary human!

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 6:00


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