Wink’s Gluttonous Rampage
Wink Has Never Swallowed So Much
Over 1 Hour of Video


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WV153 – Wink’s Gluttonous Rampage  – This was a custom job for a client that loves a FULL and BLOATED belly. His wish list was not a job for an average mortal, no we needed Wink for this one. This custom called for Wink to swallow 10 goldfish, followed by 8 jumbo raw eggs, followed by 10 more goldfish (but bigger this time), followed by 8 more jumbo raw eggs, followed by 10 more goldfish (much bigger this time), follow by one more giant glass filled with 8 more jumbo raw eggs! To say that Wink was full, is an understatement.

Wink begins the clip by watching a clip of Claudia, swallowing goldfish. Wink is turned on by the idea that something alive will be racing down her throat, and swim frantically inside of her, looking for an exit, but there is no exit. Wink is so turned on and ready to feel the sensations that Claudia felt in her clip, that she swallows the 10 goldfish that are in the bowl on the table. After swallowing all 10 fish, she shakes her belly, hoping to hear the fish sloshing around inside of her, but she only feels them trying to get out.

Wink remembers that raw eggs get frothy and airy when whipped, so maybe that’ll work? So, Wink get 8 jumbo eggs and breaks them, one by one and swallows them down one at a time. Wink gives her belly a good shaking, but still not much sloshing and now she can’t feel the fish trying to escape anymore… maybe she needs more fish?

Wink gets 10 more goldfish, but this time the fish are a little bigger than the first group. After swallowing down all 10 of these bigger fish, Wink gives her belly a good shake, but still not where she wants to be. Wink wants to not only feel full, but to hear all her victims sloshing around in the egg froth, so maybe she needs more.

Wink returns with 8 more jumbo eggs, and this time she breaks all the eggs into the cup and drinks them all down at once, then Wink shakes and jumps, desperate to feel the sound of the fish being violently sloshed around, and this time she hears some sloshing, but now her fish aren’t trying to escape so much again… time for more fish?

This time Wink returns with the biggest fish she can find, 8 giant fish remain in her tank, and she takes them all. Wink figures these bigger fish will last longer and fight the hardest. Wink swallows, with great effort because these fish are huge, all 8 huge fish… and she shakes, and she shakes. Wow, these fish are powerful and she can feel them fighting to escape, and she can hear the sloshing, but maybe 8 more jumbo raw eggs will finally make her feel all the sensations she has been seeking.

After the final 8 jumbo raw eggs have been drunken down, wink rolls her belly and the glurping, glorping, sloshing sounds are at their peak, and Wink is now finally satisfied. Oh, but more than satisfied, Wink has never been so FULL, and she can’t move, and falls into a deep food-coma… zzzz zzzzzzz

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 2:89GB * HUGE File
TIME: 48:30


WV153BTS -Wink’s Behind The Scenes and Bloopers – All of Wink’s trips to the tank to hunt for her victims, and bloopers.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 13:00


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