As the title would imply,
Wink swallows a lot of fish.

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WV149 – Wink in, “FINFINITY – As the title would imply, Wink swallows a lot of fish. We didn’t count them because there were too many and we kept losing count. I’d guess maybe 30ish. Maybe you’ll count them and let us know 😉

So yeah, Wink was hungry and wanted to swallow ALL the fish in the tank, so she went out to the garage with a big bowl, and filled the bowl with water and caught every last fish from the tank. There’s no story, just Wink being Wink by craving the extreme and open mouth swallowing EVERYONE!

Wink open mouth swallows most of these fish, one at a time. But, as Wink was down to 15 fish, she started swallowing them in groups, so you’ll see a whole crowd go down at one point. Wink puts on of these lucky fish between her boobs, and with another she puts him on her butt and twerks him off her butt and onto the couch. Wink then gives that fish some serious butt before swallowing him alive… happy, very happy, and alive.

Wink takes a break about mid way thru because she was getting full. After a short rest, Wink was back at it. There were a few times that Wink had a fish’s face in her throat, and she’d BURP! Right in his face, I think it blew his scales off, LOL.

After all the fish are inside Wink, she relishes her full belly, and takes a nap so she can digest all of those fish.

Behind The Scenes Info: This was the last shoot for the day, and you’ll see in the video that Wink is stuffed after this clip. Remember too that she has the 2 HUGE fish from 2 previous clips she made, back to back that same day. Wink should not need food for a while, right? Jim assumed Wink wouldn’t want food, but he was starving so he made himself a tuna sandwich, sat down and started eating it. Wink says she’s going to go upstairs because she was hungry and Jim was eating in front of her. WHAT?!?!? Jim of course put his sandwich to the side and made Wink a sandwich, and then Jim filmed Wink eating the sandwich. Actually, Jim put the camera on a tripod, and filmed Wink as she waiting for her sandwich, and Wink is so cute as she anxiously waits for food. LOL

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.77GB
TIME: 24:20


WV149BTS – Wink’s Behind The Scenes – This clip has Wink as she empties the fish tank, then she waits for food, and eats a tuna sandwich. Tuna, how ironic.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 13:41


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