VoreScort’s Shrink @ Home With Delivery  (Wink Edition)

Vorescorts now offers a ‘Shrink at Home’ Kit. Just shrink yourself, hop into our ready for pick-up shipping container, and you’ll be delivered directly to the Giantess of your choice.

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Wv145 – VoreScort’s Shrink @ Home With Delivery  (Wink Edition) – (Yes, Wink really swallows the tiny people) Wink is very excited because Rachel has discovered a way for people to shrink themselves at home, encapsulate themselves, then mail themselves to the model of their choice. Wink gets so excited every time the doorbell rings 🙂 because she knows it’s one of you fools, ready to feed her! Wink has received 2 clients that wish to be swallowed, and while in their protective capsule, they should enjoy the journey… for a little while anyway >:)

“Which one of you wants to go first?”, Wink asks of her 2 victims. Wink decides to swallow the other client first, and she places you down on the couch and tells you to “Watch!” Winks hows her encapsulated client where he’s going before placing it on her tongue. Wink moves her victim around the inside of her mouth using her tongue, but not for too long because she’s ready to eat.

Wink takes a sip of water, opens wide, tilts her head back and opens her throat to let the water and her client wash on down her throat *GULP* buh-bye now.
“Did you see that?!?”, asks Wink. Wink picks you up and shows you how big her mouth is compared to you. Wink shows you her long neck and the long fall you will take to reach her stomach once she has swallowed you.

Wink takes her pill, sips some water, and opens wide so the camera can see the water and you go down the drain, the throat drain >:) Wink does some BIG burps, some belly rolls (loud water sloshing around sound) then lays down for a digestion nap.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 5:40


Wv145B – VoreScort’s Shrink @ Home With Delivery BWink made this clip just before WV145 (above) here’s what happened; This is the same clip, and it may even be better as far as visuals, but Wink made this clip and that was it, we were done for the day. Wink was hungry (of course) so Jim ordered Wink a sandwich to be delivered. Wink then said she wanted to re-shoot WV145 because she felt like she could do better, so that’s why you have 2 clips. Good thing Jim has an ample supply of tiny figures, because Wink really swallowed them 😉

So, the video begins with Wink talking to her encapsulated clients, then it’s the full video and she open mouth swallows the capsules with the tiny people inside, rolls her belly burps, takes a nap, everything like in WV145.

Then when the clip is over, all of Wink’s bloopers start to play (unedited) Believe it or not, Wink could NOT say the first line of the clip without tripping up, it’s hilarious! Because she kept re-shooting, you get to see some great visuals of Wink’s open mouth and throat , again and again.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.02GB
TIME: 11:49


– Just For Fun –
Wink has a tiny Claudia in her grasp. Wink is annoyed with Claudia, and she thought Claudia deserved a little karma, so Wink shrank Claudia and swallowed her for being such a spoiled brat.  Wink actually swallows the tiny plastic figure, and you’ll see Claudia’s head go down first, folowed by the bottoms of her feet slowly disappearing. Wink was making a point >:) Great visuals.

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that we booked Claudia just before Christmas and she ghosted us. We were really shocked because Claudia was stuck in California and she didn’t have the money to travel back home for the holidays. She was sad. So, we suggested that because her family lives near us, that we pay her airfare if she’d shoot with us for 2 or 3 days. Claudia was very excited by this and said if we bought the tickets, we could pick her up from the airport, she’d stay at the studio and shoot for 3 days, then go see her Family for the rest of her stay. So, we didn’t speak with Claudia for a couple weeks, but we expected to hear from her before her flight, but we didn’t. Jim was ready to go to the airport, but when her flight landed, he still hadn’t revived a reply. So, we figured maybe Claudia changed her mind and wanted to see her Mother. That would be understandable, right? But she can’t text us and tell us? We’re just supposed to pay the airfare, make preparations to house and feed her, write the scripts, get the fish, etc, etc. So, Claudia flew into to town from 12/17 to 1/9 and ghosted us 🙁

Sooooo anyway, Wink heard about it and wasn’t too please with Claudia, and then Jim and Wink got together and made this clip. Just for fun, LOL

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 7:23


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