Wink’s Roommate  Retaliation
10 Fish Go Down
Plus Behind The Scenes

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Wv143 – Wink’s Roommate  Retaliation – You and 9 others are Wink’s roommates, and Wink calls a roommate meeting to clear-up some housekeeping issues, but you were the only roommate to attend the meeting. Wink is mad, but not at you because you seem to be the only roommate that is considerate. Wink needs to get her house in order, and it’s obvious that none of her other roommates care about her wishes, so she has to do something drastic in order to make her point. Wink tells you/POV that you will be safe from her retaliation, but she plans to transform the other 9 roommates into goldfish that she will swallow, alive >:)

Wink promises to spare you, but only of you can manage to get all 9 other roommates here, and she means NOW! Off you go to round them up so that you can be spared the horrors that wait behind those braces. Soon, you/POV return with all 9 roommates, and Wink tells them how disappointed she was that they felt like they could just ignore her, and she waves her hands and transforms them *POOF*

It’s time Wink showed them all to their new room >:)

Wink insists that you stay and watch her swallow all 9 roommates, this way you will know what she is capable of and you’ll always be on your best behavior… at least that’s the plan, unless Wink is still hungry… well, in that case she can’t guarantee your safety, but she agrees to see how she feels after she eats… I mean, 9 roommates should suffice, no?

So, you watch, in horror as Wink open mouth swallows your smaller roommates, and for the bigger roommates, she tilts her head back so you can see the larger ‘lumps’ going down. Wink talks to you and her roommates as she swallows them one at a time. The larger roommates are still struggling inside Wink and she can feel them wiggling around. Wink drinks water to help her bigger roommates go down easy.

After Wink has swallowed all 9 roommates, she pauses for a moment to see how she feels, aaaaaaand, she’s still hungry. Surprise surprise >:) Wink waves her hands and you begin to transform into a goldfish. Wink reaches down and grabs you, lifts you past her braces, and onto her tongue so she can let you slide around inside her mouth before you become the last descending ‘lump’.

*GULP* Down you go. Once Wink has all 10 roommates in her stomach, she drinks more water and begins to shake her stomach so we can hear the water and the fish sloshing around, and she follows the sloshing with some belly rolling… what a ride they must be having inside her.

Wink is finally full, so she decides to take a nap and digest her roommates before she posts a new ‘Roommates Wanted’ ad in the classifieds.

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Wv143BTS – Wink’s Roommate Retaliation Behind The Scenes – Wink hunts for victims in the tank, plus the many bloopers we have while shooting 🙂

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 6:10


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