Wink Swallows The
Biggest Goldfish EVER!!!

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Wv138 – Wink vs. Moby Dick GoldFish! – These 11 fish were all too big for open mouth swallowing, so Wink gives you LUMPS going down! Wink had just finished shooting WV137, but there was only one goldfish in that scene… a big goldfish, but still just one and Wink needs more food than just one big goldfish. So, Jim suggested to Wink that she swallow the 10 remaining goldfish Jim had in the tank… um … but Wink counted 11 goldfish, and Jim quickly corrects her because one of the goldfish is GIANT, and Jim thought that maybe that big fish would have to watch all his friends get swallowed, and then be forced to listen to them all digesting. Good idea if you ask me 😉

So, that was the plan for Wink to swallow all the goldfish except for the GIANT fish that would have to watch it all, but live another day. Wink was down and plucked her first victim from his watery world, placed the fish on the glass table, sucked him up and open mouth swallowed him… oh, but he was too big and came right back up. Hm, this will be a challenge.

Jim suggested that because the fish were so big, and Wink might have a very difficult time ‘open mouth’ swallowing them, Jim suggested that she close her mouth, tilt her head back, and Jim would film the ‘lump’ going down.

Wink is not a quitter, so she does try to open mouth swallow each fish, so she would let the fish slide down so the camera could see, but then half way down her gullet, they’d come right back up, so her second swallow attempt was close mouth, head back to look for the lump. That’s how they all go down, first she open mouth swallows, fails, then close mouth swallows, with her head back. Wink grabs each fish from the bowl, puts it on the glass table, sucks it up with that sexy mouth full of braces, open mouth swallow attempts, and then close mouth swallows to show you the big lump going down.

When all 10 goldfish have been swallowed, she is now supposed to tease the GIANT fish with her stomach sounds, but instead she reaches into the bowl, grabs the GIANT fish and tries to swallow him. She fails of course, and in fact she fails 3 times and says she can’t do it… she puts the fish back into the bowl and Jim tells her to just go back the original plan of NOT swallowing him, so she goes with that… but then, Wink being the beast she is, she says “NO, you’re going down” and gives it one last try, and this time he goes down!!!!

Unbelievable, the biggest fish swallowed, ever. In the 12 years we’ve been doing this, that’s gotta be a record.

Wink lays down for a long digestion nap. Wink was FULL for hours after this content was created.

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