Good Wink vs. Bad Wink >:)

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Wv137 – Good Wink vs. Bad Wink >:) – Wink has been eating lots of protein, and she thinks she looks good as she checks the mirror to admire her sexy body… BUT, Wink’s reflection does NOT agree! The bad Wink in the mirror tells good Wink that she looks skinny, and eating healthy is NOT going to help her grow like ‘fresh’ protein from raw meat, and bone marrow. Nope, no comparison. Hm, good Wink does feel better after eating one of VoreWhores’ customers, so maybe bad Wink has a good point. Wink asks her refelction what she should do, and bad Wink suggests that she call Rachel and ask for a Vorescort client or something. Good Wink thinks that’s a great idea.

Wink is on the phone with Rachel, and asks for help. Wink explains her situation and tells Rachel she’s so hungry, as her stomach roars in anger (we used Wink’s real stomach sounds) Wink tells Rachel she doesn’t care if the client is rich, poor, ugly or handsome, she just needs FOOD!

Congratulations, you’re the client Wink will eat… I mean meet… *Ding Dong*  Wink opens the door and rushes you inside and upstairs where she wastes no time on contracts, or explanations, and she waves her hands to transform you into a goldfish.

Wink takes you from your liquid fort, and drops you between her tits, just for fun. Then her plan is to swallow you quick, oh but you’re a BIG one, aren’t you?
You manage to slide down Wink’s tongue and down her throat, but you fight and come back up from deep in her throat (wow, how do they do that?) so Wink leans her head back and down you go again… I mean you’re gone again, tongue lifts in the back, and that swallow sound is made, but then one second later, here you come again.

After each 2 failed swallows, Wink puts you back in your liquid fort, just to keep you struggling and aware. Wink is annoyed with you, and tells you to go down her throat to satisfy her hunger, and she means NOW!

You finally slide all the way down and Wink has finally swallowed you, followed by some HUGE burps, and a fart =O yup, Wink rolled to one side and farted, then she said it was part of you being expelled. WOW!

* We recorded Wink’s stomach later this day, after all her fish swallowing clips were done, and she had a belly full of 12 BIG fish, so it’s very load, and we put those recording into the digestion scene so you’re really listening to all those fish being digested *

Lots of Burps. Lots of REAL stomach sounds from Wink’s stomach, and a Fart Wink couldn’t hold in any longer.
There’s also 2 minutes of behind the scenes of Wink hunting for her victim and grabbing him from the bowl.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.39GB
TIME: 15:54

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