Wink’s Encapsulated Crickets!

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WV135 – Wink’s Encapsulated Snacks – You can thank Wink for this clip, because Jim was lazy and wanted to blow it off. It was Wink’s 2nd day in the studio and she was keen to try to put the crickets into the pill capsules, but that meant a trip to the pet store and Jim was too lazy to go out, and even less motivated to find the (still packed from moving) pill capsules we bought a while back. Wink had already done 2 fish clips that day, and she was determined to do something new and close day 2 with a bang! So, she went to pet store to grab some crickets, and then to the supplement store to see what kind capsules she could find. Wink brought back a bag of crickets, and a bottle of vinegar pills. She emptied a dozen pills and cleaned out the capsules with a Q-Tip, then she took the bag and the empty pill capsules outside to see if she could even grab one of these tiny crickets. Well, Wink is clever and uses a pair of tweezers to grab the crickets by the leg, and get 12 of them into capsules, unscathed.

Wink sits down in the living room just seconds after coming in from out back where she selected and capsuled her prey. Wink selects her first victim and gives him a shake, and whoo hoo, he’s alive alright. It’s as if the cricket knows that nothing good will come from this as he kicks and struggles, but no way out. Wink rests him on her tongue and she lets saliva build-up and slide the pill down, nice and slow. What a view!

Wink open mouth swallows all 12, and she often shakes them up a bit to get them kicking and struggling before dropping them into an abyss. I mean, it’s an abyss to a life so small it can fit into a pill capsule, right?

Wink does lots of belly rolls and the camera gets close enough to hear and the sloshing inside Wink’s stomach. Because Wink had done a couple fish videos earlier, and drank a lot of water, these capsuled crickets had company.

Wink tries to crush the crickets in her stomach because she can feel them crawling around now, but when they calm down, she takes a digestion nap.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.34GB
TIME: 15:30


WV135BTS – Behind The Scenes: The Hunt & Encapsulation of Wink’s prey – Wink sits outside to capture crickets and put them into pill capsules, so she can swallow them.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.61GB
TIME: 18:35


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