Main Course, or Dessert?
Which Should Wink Eat 1st?
Almost One Half Hour Long!

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WV130 – Main Course, or Dessert? Which Should Wink Eat 1st? – Wink is so hungry… she just drove 4 hours for some Live food, but dessert sounds good too. Hm, which to enjoy first, Wink asks herself… Wink ponders that if she eats her dessert first, her main course of live prey may not be able to swim around inside of her, tickling her tummy. If she eats her live prey first, they can swim around and work up and appetite, then when Wink starts dropping dessert on top of them, they’ll be good a hungry.

Wink open mouth swallows 10 live victims, but she gives each victim a little thrill before gobbling them down… some get the pleasure of being between her boobs, or on her butt, or down her panties, or on her belly as Wink does her belly rolls… what a way to go 🙂 Wink does swallow one of her naughty victims by putting him in the pudding and scooping him and pudding into her mouth. Yummy!

Wink does multiple belly rolls and you can hear all the liquid and fish in her belly being sloshed around when Wink rolls her stomach muscles.

Once all her victims are swimming inside, she eats her dessert, but she eats it Wink’s way 🙂 by open mouth swallowing the pieces of banana and pudding. The spoon she uses is gigantic, so the mouthfuls of pudding are impressive, and messy. When Wink has consumed ALL, she lays down to take a digestion nap… zzzzz.

RES: 3840 X 2160
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TIME: 26:42

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– Behind The Scenes –
Wink tells her Braces story, then goes hunting for victims >:) Then Jim films as soon as Wink has swallowed all the fish and pudding, and Wink talks about how full she is, and she talks about how cool it was when she rolled her belly and you could hear all the sloshing inside of her.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 4:54


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