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WV127 – Wink’s Cricket Chaos – One of our fans on Twitter asked that we get some small crickets, and put them into pills so Wink could swallow them alive, and we told Wink about it, but Jim never planned to actually make that clip, he was only sharing the twitter post with Wink. So, when Wink went to the pet store to get 32 minnows for WV125, she surprised us when she also brought back a bag with 5 small crickets. WOW! Wink is such a bad-ass.

When Wink showed the bag of crickets to Jim, he said “Oh cool” and he went to find the little empty pills he had stored away, but Wink was impatient and didn’t want to wait for anything, so she walked to the sliding glass doors, and went outside with her bag of very lively, jumping crickets.

Wink makes herself comfortable, reaches into the bag and pulls out a cricket, but he jumps just as she puts him into her mouth, but he landed on her hand, and she sucks him up, then shows the camera as the cricket crawls around inside her mouth. Crickets are very lively until they’re soaked in saliva, then they slow down enough to be swallowed, but it’s still tricky because their feet can really hang on. Hanging on, you’ll see the cricket stuck to Wink’s uvula, her palate, tongue and Wink has to slowly move them to the very back of her tongue where she can get the cricket to fall into her throat where she can swallow it.

So after Cricket number 1 goes down, the 2nd cricket jumps away from Wink and he’s gone, can’t see him so Wink gets another one. Wink manages to open mouth swallow 2 of the 5 Crickets but just as Wink is ready to sit back and digest the 2 crickets in her stomach, one of the lost crickets is seen hopping at her feet, so Wink drops to her knees and catches it, then down he goes to join his friends for a total of 3 crickets down.

Wink said the crickets tasted similar to the minnows, and she’s ready to do that again!

This clip is fun and was completely spontaneous!

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 8:16

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