Wink’s SwallowMania
Someone Said:
“You should ask her to do a
fish stuffing and see how many
fish she can swallow at once

Ok 🙂 Here it is

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WV125 – Wink’s SwallowMania – One of our Twitter followers posted this: ” You should ask her to do a fish stuffing and see how many fish she can swallow at once then record them digesting and can she wear a crop top and booty shorts pretty please”

We showed this to Wink, and she was so excited to make this clip. Wink spent the night here at the studio after shooting WV121, WV122, WV123 & WV124, so the following morning she ate her usual eggs and waffles breakfast, but then she wanted to take a ride to the pet store to see what kind of fish they had. Wink figured she’d be able to swallow a crowd of Minnows, so she bought 3 dozen (36 in total) and brought them back to the studio.

Wink thought it would be cool to drink soda with her victims so they could feel the carbonation in their gills, and also to fire-off some big burps!

Wink wants to start with 7 minnows, but the minnows want to live and keep trying to escape, so Wink manages to get 4 into her mouth and swallows them. Wink is able to create a system whereby she gets 3 or 4 minnows from the bowl, and pops them into her mouth so they can’t escape, while fishing for more and more. Wink’s last swallow was about 20 minnows at the same time.

Wink drinks a lot of soda with her victims and is burping throughout the whole clip. Finally, Wink has swallowed her last crowd of victims, finishes her soda and burps a whole lot more. Suddenly, Wink jumps to her feet and starts to jump up and down and shake side to side to get the carbonation in her stomach all bubbly so the fish can have more fun in there.

After Wink’s shake and slosh, she brushes her teeth, then chases us out of the bathroom because she has to pee! Too mush soda 😉

We also got some behind the scenes of Wink telling Jim how FULL she was after 36 fish and 24oz of soda!

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.56GB
TIME: 21:21

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