Persia Feeds Wink
Her Entire Family!!

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WinkPersiaV1 – Persia Feeds Wink Her Entire Family – Wink has been kept prisoner by Persia, and Wink hasn’t been fed in over 2 weeks. Persia purposely starved Wink to make her hungry enough to eat ANYTHING! The clip starts with Persia in the kitchen, just after she has transformed her Family into goldfish, all swiming around helplessly in a clear glass cup. You can see the fear in their eyes as Persia explains to them what’s about to happen, but she says not to worry because she won’t be swallowing them… HER FRIEND WILL DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR HER!!!!

Persia goes upstairs to the extra room where she keeps Wink, tied-up in a chair, waiting desperately for FOOD! Persia explains to Wink that she has her whole Family in her hands, and she plans to feed them to Wink, but only if she’s hungry. YES, YES, cries Wink and she opens her mouth in anticipation of getting something to eat.

Persia drops her Family members into Wink’s waiting, braced maw, then watches and waves goodbye as they disappear down Wink’s throat. Persia is really enjoying seeing her loser Family go bye-bye, and when Wink has consumed all of them, Persia talks to them inside Wink’s stomach and listens to them scream.

Persia tells her Family that Wink will take a nap now so she can digest them thoroughly, then she leaves Wink alone to digest.

Wink digests alone with the actual sounds of her stomach… we recorded the stomach sounds just after the digestion scene because Wink couldn’t belive how loud it was. So, we recorded them, and added them to the digestion scene in editing.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.15GB
TIME: 13:15

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