Tanya’s Vore Tease

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TANv9 – Tanya’s Vore Tease – You’re Tanya’s roommate, and she’s just found out about your giantess vore fetish… she teases you by talking about shrinking you and swallowing you. Tanya gives you a BIG POV spitty mouth show, just to get you in the mood. Soon, Tanya pulls a tiny rubber person from her giant tit cleavage, and she shows you what it would be like if she shrunk you down to bite-size. Tanya gives her little blue buddy a tour of her mouth, tits and butt… she even puts the tiny between her butt cheeks and twerks, hard and little blue’s face is smashed between her cheeks again and again.

Hey, Tanya recently went to see her orthodontist (she had previously worn braces) and she managed to sneak a lip retractor from his office. Tanya stretches her mouth and makes it bigger than ever, then places little blue inside, and slides blue around in the large gap between her cheeks and teeth… wow, does it look moist in there! Tanya puts blue in different places on her body, while she drools uncontrollably onto blue because her mouth is stuck open byu the retractor.

Finally, Tanya suggests that it’s time to shrink YOU and swallow you, so she waves her hands, and you begin to reduce, rapidly. Tanya picks you up and drops you into her retracted mouth and down you go *GULP*

Tanya relaxes to digest you, and there’s burping and yawning, and stomach sounds.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.42GB
TIME: 16:28


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