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TANv6 – Tanya Pops Her Fish Cherry – Tanya came in for a shoot, and there had been no prior discussions of fish, so what happened this day was completely spontaneous. Here’s what happened; When Tanya arrived, the fist thing she did was the reverse endoscope footage included in this deal. After Jim cut and was moving lights and getting ready for the next scene (an SFX scene actually) Tanya asked Jim how long he thought the shoot would be, and I think Jim was looking for an excuse to bring up the fish, so he suggested that if she were in a hurry, that he could pay her more to swallow one of those (pointing to the tank) this is where Tanya discovers why we have a fish tank in the studio, and belive it or not she wasn’t too surprised, and immediately wanted to do it. Oh yeah, she was looking forward to showing the fish swallowing trick to her friends, and she wanted to swallow and extra fish and have Jim shoot it with her phone so she’d have it, oh yeah BIG plans LOL

Tanya is all in, she’s really that type of adrenaline junky type girl too and she was looking forward to the rush. After a quick chat, Jim starts rolling and Tanya walks up to the tank and begins her hunt. She zones in on a minnow right away and she maintains eye contact with that some tiny minnow the whole time, but when she scooped it out with the net, Jim suggested that she got a minnow and they agreed on a goldfish. Listen, this shoot was just days after a hurricane where all the pet store lost power for a good 24 hours, and tiny goldfish were all they had, but to Tanya these tiny goldfish were whales and she couldn’t fathom swallowing a giant fish like that. Jim tried to explain that these goldfish were the tiniest of tiny goldfish they sell, and they are merely a little bigger than the minnows and he guaranteed she’d be able to swallow the fish easily… nope, Tanya was only interested in the tinier minnow she has already captured, so she walked over to the couch to swallow it.

Jim interrupts her because he’s thinking maybe the minnow won’t be worth the money agreed, so he suggests that she not swallow the minnow if she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to swallow a goldfish. Jim was thinking she could be a new star, but then maybe not so stopped production of the minnow swallow, and redirected Tanya back to where they were previously going to shoot the Giantess SFX, and that’s what they did. Jim and Tanya made 2 or 3 more SFX clips that will take time to edit, but that was it… until…

Remember when Tanya wanted to know how long the shoot would be? Turns out she wanted to avoid traffic, that’s why she asked. So, it’s like 3:15 and Jim ends the shoot, but he figures they have time before traffic starts, and he’s about to bring up the minnow because that’s better than nothing, right? But before he can say anything, Tanya says “I don’t think I can leave here without swallowing a minnow” LOL Jim was floored, but more than happy to oblige and started again under a new payment agreement 😉

Once again, Tanya walks up to the tank and singles out the same tiny minnow… I mean there are some much chunkier minnows in there, but she wants the tiniest of the tinies, but hey it’s a start, gotta start somewhere, right?

Tanya bonds with a particular minnow in the tank and after some teasing and tough talk, Tanya uses the net to capture her prey. All she need do now if to flip the net upside down over the cup of water, and she does that but with great drama. It was then that Jim knew that this virgin fish shoot was going to go like 99.999% do; 1st the girl it terrified to touch the fish, then the fish moving in their mouths freaks them out, but after they swallow the fish, they’re like ‘Oh, that was easy, no big deal” and they move onto to larger fish and they get more confident while handling the fish, etc. Once Tanya has the fish in the cup of water, she takes a sip of the water to see if it tastes like fish.

Tanya starts drinking water from the cup because she feels like the minnow will be easier to catch if it has less water to swim around in. Tanya reaches in and grabs the fish, then has the usual reaction to the fish, so you will hear a lot of Jim trying to calm her down and direct her, but she did great and Jim got some great visuals of the minnow on her tongue and getting closer and closer to her throat as Tanya yells in excitement. I don’t whose heart was beating faster and in more fear, the fish or Tanya.

Tanya swallows the minnow and you can see from her natural reaction that this is the most exciting thing Tanya has done in a while, and she gets around. The whole clip is really worth seeing because Jim captures Tanya’s real reactions and the film isn’t based on a story about shirking anyone, so the story is writing itself as this unfolds. Tanya’s natural reactions and natural bonding with her first live victim is awesome to witness.

After the digestion scene, Jim is sneaky and says ‘cut’ but keeps rolling so he can capture Tanya in her natural state even more so because she thinks the camera is off, and you definitely want to see and hear what she says and how she describes what she’s feeling. Again she gets tough and starts talking about making fish swallowing her new party trick and to buy a fish at the pet store, then open the bag in from of the employees and swallow it… ahem, yeah we told her that was a bad idea. She seemed shocked that they wouldn’t appreciate it. That tells us all we need to know about Tanya, and we LIKE IT! This was definitely just the beginning for Tanya.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.74GB
TIME: 20:01


TANv5 – Tanya’s Reverse View Endoscope (NO AUDIO) – Man, you don’t know how hard it is to get a good endo clip. They’re always sideways, they’re always off center, they’re always shaky and I get sea-sick watching them. Well this one is NO different and is exactly like that, but with 1 BIG difference! Tanya was able to get the coveted and difficult to produce, revere view. She was even able to fit gummy worms in her giant mouth and your view is amazing. Imaging being in the very back of Tanya’s mouth, looking at the gummy worms entering to join you. So get sea sick as you enjoy the amazing views made by Tanya, and there’s even a scene where you can see a gummy go down and disappear into the flappy thing. It’s cool.

RES: 1920 X 1080
SIZE: 1.48GB
TIME: 16:43

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