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TANv2 – Tanya’s Messy Roommate – You’re Tanya’s roommate, her messy roommate. I mean, what’s wrong with you? You have the privilege of rooming with a hottie like Tanya, and you eff it up by being a slob? You come home to find Tanya digging thru the clothes you left on the couch, trying to find the remote for the TV, and she is MAD!

Tanya scolds you for being a slob, and she’s not going to let you abuse her kindness anymore. You think you’re all big and bad because you go the gym and you look good, well Tanya can put an end to your gym days if she wishes to. Tanya tells you that she can make you so small, you wouldn’t believe it, so stop testing her!

The more Tanya scolds you about the mess, the more committed she becomes to making you small, and then she starts going into detail about how small you would become, and how she would swallow you. Tanya compares the size you’ll soon become to her BIG mouth. Tanya’s tongue will like a skyscraper to you. (Tanya is quite chatty, has awesome role-play, so it’s a longer than usual clip.)

All this scolding is making Tanya hungry, so she waves her hand and you begin to shrink *POOF* and just like that, you’re 7 inches tall. Tanya grabs you before you can run, and the first thing she does is show you her BIG mouth.

Tanya decides that you need to be punished before she swallows you, so she tapes you down to the living room table, where she tastes you, crushes you with her enormous boobs, and steps on you with her full weight. Tanya punishes you for a long time, and she’s shocked that you survived, you’re a tough cookie.

Oh, but Tanya is hungry and all this tasting of your flesh is getting her stomach growling loudly, so she decides it’s time to swallow you. Hm, she wants to swallow you, but perhaps your size with pose a slight obstacle, so she shrinks you even smaller *POOF* now you’re… IDK, a half inch tall?

Now that you’re the perfect size to swallow, Tanya hesitates and decides you are still not worthy of such a treat, so she punishes you at your new size. You’re showed Tanya’s gigantic mouth and her super wide tongue, and Tanya’s enormous boobs are thrust down on top of you, and you are introduced to the bottom of Tanya’s soles as she steps all over you and again applies ALL of her weight. Gravity is a Giantess’ best friend.

After a lot of final punishment in the outside world, Tanya swallows you, Burps, and relaxes on the couch until she falls asleep, in our usual ending style.

Long Video – BIG File

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 2.25GB
TIME: 30:49


TANv4 – Tanya Eats Your EX Girlfriend – Did you hear about your ex girlfriend? Yeah, she got swallowed by Tanya. It seems Tanya found out that you hooked up with your ex when you were still dating Tanya’s other friend, her BEST friend. This story picks up where Tanya is already in the process of punishing the cheating slut by dangling her over her mouth via a thread tied around her ankle, and threats to swallow her for being a slut. Tanya drops the slut down to the very back of her throat where the smell is at it’s baddest. She is slathered in long strings of saliva, licked and tasted before Tanya’s stomach was just grumbling too loudly and she bit the thread in half, and swallowed that slut! Tanya can now relax and tease the slut in her stomach before BURPing and settling down for a long digestion nap.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 10:25


TANv3Tanya’s Gummy Vore Audition – Earlier, during Tanya ‘s audition, she was asked to try to swallow gummies with her mouth open. Most people have never had the need to do that or try to do that, so our models are usually quite surprised by the open mouth gummy swallowing request. Jim says maybe 5 out of 10 girls can do it ok, and 1 of 10 are of Wink, Kim, Claudia’s caliber. So anyway, Tanya. She did ok, so Jim decided to make a clip. Tanya is ONE sexy giantess, let me tell you, and to watch her swallow gummies is a dream. I mean it’s a dream if you’re into 5’11.5″ tall super models that want to eat you. This clip has no digestion scene, and it’s fairly simple because it’s the 1st thing Jim shot and he wanted to keep it simple. Tanya’s role-play is awesome and she has the best dialog, naturally. She’s really going to be a gift to the Giantess fetish.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 9:01



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