Tanya in, ‘Caged Bliss’
(50% feet and 50% vore)

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TANv15 – Tanya in, Caged Bliss (50% feet and 50% vore) – The clip begins in POV, and you’re a Tiny trapped in a cage… presumably you’re Tanya’s little pet and you may have been around a while, I don’t know, but what I do know is that ‘today’ is your last day as a pet or anything else for that matter.

Tanya teases you with the thought of being smooshed under her tremendous weight, and under her size 11 feet! If you’ve seen Tanya before, you know she has the gift of gab, and she gives great Giantess dialog to a Tiny that can’t ‘wait to feel her weight’, if you know what I mean 😉

Oh, but did you hear that? ‘That’ was Tanya’s stomach. Oh wow, and it sounds angry! Tanya changes her mind and reaches into the cage to grab you!

In the next scene, Tiny is sitting very comfortably on the tip of Tanya’s finger, with it’s back up against her nail. It looks quite cozy actually. Tanya teases her tiny victim by spiting on it and shoving it deep into her mouth so it can see what awaits it. After a fair amount of play time, Tanya drops her victim onto her tongue and allows gravity to take over. It’s a slow process and Tanya seems to almost purposely keep her victim from going all the way down, oh but it does and you can see if just fade away.

Tanya washes her Tiny down with some water and BURPS!!! Yummy, now Tanya can talk to her Tiny one last time before it fades away into digestion. There are several more burps before Tanya falls into a deep digestion nap.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.16GB
TIME: 13:30

PLUS Extra Bonus Video

TANv15XTRA – Tanya in, Caged Bliss Fail – This is Tanya’s first take of this clip. It’s actually the entire clip, but Jim didn’t like it so he gave Tanya some corrections, and they made TANv15 above. I think Jim thought, 1. that she was not keeping her feet in front of the camera and 2. she was going from feet to vore and back to feet and Jim thought it didn’t flow right, so they did it again.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 7:12

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