Towering Tanyas Ravenous Rampage POV

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TANv14 – Towering Tanya’s Ravenous Rampage POV – This clip is shot in POV so the viewer has the perspective of the Tiny. Well, here we go again, you can’t seem to get along with any roommates. Tanya was kinda your last straw because if you piss Tanya off, there is no tomorrow for you, aaaaaand you pissed her off.

You’ve been an absolute slob and Tanya has had enough. After several warning, she’s now been forced to shrink you. Tanya towers over you, scolding you for your slobbish ways, and she threatens to stomp you into a pancake… or should she sit on you? As Tanya ponders all the ways to end you with the help of gravity and pressure, her stomach growls.

Tanya decides she needs to eat, but you’re not quite big enough to satiate ALL of her hunger, so she decides to eat and dandwich first, then swallow YOU alive for dessert. Because Tanya is cruel and evil, she traps you under a glass table and makes you watch her eat. Essentially watching the fate you’re only moments away from.

Tanya is a slopy eater and she drops chunks of her sandwich all over the table, just above your head. Then, Tanya slurps up the food from the table and you can see it being sucked into her mouth and down her throat like a Hoover vacuum. It’s a pretty big sandwich, and it’s a pretty messy sandwich, so it must be tortorous for POV to have to watch all of the carnage, especially knowing that It. Is. Next!

Tanya wolfs down the last bite of her sandwich, and then she reaches for YOU. In Tanya’s grasp, she reads you your last rights, and then swallows you. Zoom effect, right down her throat.

*GULP* Now the camera steps back to document Tanya swallowing her Tiny roommate. Tanya has some tummy talks with her now ‘ex’ roommate, lets out a couple enormous burps, then quickly takes a nap to digest her sandwich and messy dessert that won’t be around to annoy her anymore.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.45GB
TIME: 16:48

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