Tanya in ‘Application Rejected!’

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TANv13SFX – Tanya in ‘Application Rejected!’ – Tanya needs to move, and she’s found a lovely condo for rent, and it’s in the perfect location near a big park, so Tanya is very excited to move. Tanya gets a letter from the condo association, but it’s not the ‘welcome’ letter she was expecting… rejected? But how? Tanya has a perfect rental history record and good credit, so what’s the issue? Seems all of the condo wives have decided that Tanya is too pretty, with big boobs and butt, their husbands will surely be attracted and distracted by Tanya’s presence. Tanya is furious, and as she reads the rejection letter she discovers that the condo Karens are also keeping her application fee, as well as the hefty deposit she left. The app fee, maybe, but keeping her deposit is criminal and they must be punished.

Tanya has a secret power, but she’s very selective about when and where she uses this power as it’s pretty extreme… and she decides THIS is worth it! Tanya goes to the kitchen where she mixes up her secret potion, drinks it, and (rumble rumble) she begins to grow. Through the roof she grows, and Tanya is quickly taller than any building in the city, and she begins to stomp her way to the condo building to exact her revenge and get a full belly in the process.

Tanya sits down directly in front of the condo building, and calls out to the Karens that rejected her, and just because they’re jealous. NOT FAIR! So, Tanya plucks the Karens from their windows one by one, and as soon as she’s swallowed all the Karens, it’s Husbands for dessert! Tanya swallows all the husbands, but there’s still one hubby left, trying to hide on the roof. Hmmm, not the best hiding spot if you ask Tanya, and she plucks that last husband from the roof, and drops him down her throat, to join all the condo’s inhabitants inside her gigantic stomach.

Now satisfied, both physically and mentally, Tanya begins her rapid re-transformation back down to normal size. Full, she makes her way home, exhausted and yawning, she must take a nap. Tanya falls of into a deep digestion sleep.

RES: 3840 X 2160
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TIME: 9:38


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