Persia’s 1st Live Snack!l
and her 2nd Live Snack Too!
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Behind The Scenes

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PERv4 – Persia’s 1st Living Snack – When we asked Persia if she wanted to try a goldfish, she said she had been waiting for us to ask 🙂 so, yeah she was down for swallowing a goldfish. Jim was careful not to talk about the fish when Persia arrived, and he told her to keep it all in until he was rolling with the camera. This way ‘you’ won’t miss Persia’s first and true reactions and thoughts as she anticipates swallowing a live goldfish and how she didn’t even believe our models swallowed real fish… surely the fish are fake, she thought. After sharing her feelings about what was coming next, Persia picks up a cup from the table and heads to the tank. This is so new for Persia, and Jim didn’t tell her anything yet, so you can see Persia is lost and looking for the tank and this is such a new experience for her. Into the unknown. Persia spots a very tiny fish, and she picks that very tiny fish, but as she was heading inside to swallow him, she noticed she had injured him with her nails when picking him up… Jim reminded Persia that the main reason for this 1st scene is so Persia could see what it’s like, so that when we shoot an official scene, she knows what to expect and the scene will come out better… so back to the tank, and this time Persia picked a larger goldfish, and headed back inside.

Persia instinctively brought her snack to the kitchen table, and she sat down and shared her thoughts and how she is anticipating actually swallowing a live goldfish. Persia is prompted to bring her prey to a different part of the studio, and she goes and sits down with her snack. Persia, on the red couch, in an outfit Wink has swallowed many fish while wearing, gets ready to the unthinkable, swallowing a flippy floppy fish. Will he jump out? Will he taste fishy? Will I feel him inside after I swallow him? All questions Persia has until she plucks her prey from his watery world, opens her mouth and says ah and she raises her snack to her tongue. Persia sticks her finger and the snack they hold far into her mouth, and drops the fish right down her throat. It was so instant and Persia didn’t even blink, and the fish was gone.

Persia does feel some activity immediately after swallowing, and she describes it before letting out a few burps. Persia yawns a bunch, but she instinctively covers her mouth (Jim talked to her about that later) Persia actually did feel a little sleepy, so she laid down to take a digestion nap.

* Later this day, after Persia ate a large meal and another goldfish, her stomach was recorded. We then edited in the recordings of Persia’s stomach and the clips ends to the sounds of this fish, plus another fish actually being digested.

File Size: 908MB
Time: 10:48
Resolution: 3840 X 2160


PERv5 – Persia’s Dessert Replacement >:) – Persia is starving, but when she goes to the fridge for some food, it’s empty. This is nothing unusual because Persia’s Step-Bro is a gluttonous pig and eats everything, even food Persia is saving for herself. Frustrated that she has to spend more money and wait on delivery, Persia uses her phone app to order food. As Persia waits for her food to be delivered, she is extremely uncomfortable because her stomach hurts for being empty, and it is also making loud stomach sounds (Persia’s actual stomach sounds recorded shortly after she finished shooting this clip, so it’s the actual digestion sounds of the 2 fish, and all the food in Persia’s stomach)

*Ding Dong* The doorbell rings

Persia is excited and races to the front door to collect her food, but just as the delivery guy has left, she remembers that she didn’t order dessert. Oh well, no problem because Persia can solve 2 problems with one hasty decision… and she calls for her Step-Bro >:)

POV/Step-Bro enters the room where Persia is seated in front of her delivery order of food, and Persia begins to scold her Step-Bro for always eating all the food in the house, and for other rude behavior. Persia explains that since the fridge is empty and she forgot to order dessert, that POV/Step-Bro will be dessert,

and *POOF* you’re transformed into a delicious little goldfish. YUMMY

Persia begins to eat her lunch, and she describes the process to you, so you understand what’s coming for you very soon. Persia make a big GULP sound and asks if you heard it. Persia eats all of her chicken, all or her rice & beans, and washes it all down with some water.

Ah, now Persia is ready for her dessert. Persia reaches into your watery world and plucks you from it, into her gigantic hand, going up, up, UP! Up and dangled over Persia’s open mouth… whoa, there is nothing between Persia’s grasp on you, and her open throat hole, so if she lets go of you, you’re going down. Yup, Persia lets go and you’re dessert. At least you didn’t suffer in her mouth for long, and the journey down into her stomach was quick.

“Oh, who’s this?”, you ask when you get down there… it’s just the another lucky goldfish swallowed about 30 mins earlier >:)

Persia burps a few times, and was actually very sleepy after all that food, and she yawns a whole bunch before laying down to nap.

When this clips ends, and after the VoreWhores logo screen, the end of the clip continues and Persia describes how she is feeling after her exciting day of goldfish swallowing.

File Size: 1.66GB

Time: 22:49
Resolution: 3840 X 2160


PERv5bts – Persia’s Bloopers and Behind The Scenes – This clip includes Persia’s hunt in the tank for her 2nd live victim for the day, and some scenes that had to be re-shot.

File Size: 403MB

Time: 4:36
Resolution: 3840 X 2160


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