Lisa in, “The Pervey Pool Person”
Plus, Behind The Scenes

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LISv6 – Lisa in, “The Pervey Pool Person” – Lisa is still checked in at the AirBnb. She’s swallowed her unexpected, and unwanted roommate. This home has a pool, so Lisa decides to take advantage of the nice day, and catch some rays. Lisa barely has a chance to get comfy, when the gate opens… great, it’s the pool person, and there goes Lisa’s privacy. Lisa politely says hello, and lets the pool person get to cleaning the pool… hm, but there’s no cleaning and this pool person seems to be just staring at Lisa in her bikini. Lisa asks if they are ok, and she points to some leaves in the pool and suggests that the pool person can start with the all the leaves.

Lisa notices that the pool person is still just staring at her and she suggests they take a picture or something, I mean really? Perv! The pool person is showing no signs of consideration, and keeps getting closer and close to Lisa. Lisa, trying to relax, opens her eye to find this pervert hovering directly over her. Mad, Lisa stands to confront her pervey pool person, and she decides that the perfect punishment for a someone that maintains water, is to be transformed into a fish!

*Shrink scene* Lisa picks up her flopping pool fish, and drops it in her cup of water. Before Lisa teaches it that being a rude perv has coincidences. First, it gets a very personal experience with Lisa’s filthy feet byt being held between her toes. Lisa has some fun then drops it back into her cup of water and teases it more by placing the cup on her stomach so it can hear how loud her hunger growls are getting. Lisa takes it from the cup again, but this time it gets squished between her boobs, then back in her cup of water to breathe.

Well, that was fun, but now Lisa wants to get back to sunbathing by the pool she is paying for, so she drops the pervey pool person fish into her mouth, closes and swallows *GULP*

Lisa yawns and falls asleep. Actually there a few yawns, and also lots and lots of stomach sounds in this clip from beginning to end. After the clip is done, Jim keeps rolling to capture more digestion and Lisa talks about her fish swallowing day… there are 5 fish in her stomach at the time this clip was concluded.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.43GB
TIME: 16:20


LISv6BTS – Behind The Scenes, “The Pervey Pool Person” – Behind The Scenes of, “The Pervey Pool Person” – The Hunt, Lisa stands over the fish tank and wrangles the last little fish into the palms of her hands, then walks out to the pool area to finish the scene. There’s a couple bloopers too.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 2:35


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