Lisa’s Very, Very, Very Unexpected Meal/s

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LISv4 – Lisa’s Very, Very, Very Unexpected Meal – So, Lisa and Jim had just finished shooting LISv1, where Lisa transforms her unwanted AirBnb roommate into a goldfish, and swallows him. After a long digestion scene, and a quick change of wardrobe, Lisa is ready to swallow a 2nd goldfish. Jim wants to shoot outside, by the pool where Lisa can transform the pool guy into a goldfish, but there’s a problem… the lawn guys just got there. Loud lawn equipment has polluted their outdoor poolside environment, and Lisa is left to walk in circles waiting for them to finish.

The true story is that Jim said, “Hey, there are 4 fish left, and we only need 1 for the pool guy story… sooooo… why not swallow the other 3 while we have nothing better to do.”, and Lisa said “OK”.

The clip version is that Lisa is walking in circles between scenes because of the lawn guys, and she decides to entertain herself, and fix her grumbling tummy by eating 3 of the 4 remaining fish.

The Hunt: Not as good as in the studio, but it’s a hunt. Hm, ya know, maybe it’s actually even cooler because the fish have less space to hide and Lisa’s giant hands corner them and they have no place to swim to. Lisa talks to the fish and singles them out by pointing at them. Lisa captures all 3 fish, one at a time and drops them into a cup of water. Lisa takes her cup, with the fish over to her swallowing chair from LISv1.

Lisa takes each fish, one at a time from the cup, and she gives them each a special experience before swallowing them alive. One little fish gets to hang out between her tits, another in her ‘fish’net stockings (fishnet, that kills me, LOL) and she drops the last into her panties, but just briefly (another pun if you get it), then into her mouth.

Lisa open mouth swallows each fish, and like a pro, no gagging. Lisa is a freak and you’ll see that fish slowly take the dive to paradise. Lisa is also good at showing the fish in the cup where their friend went and holding them close to her stomach so they can hear them cry for help. One fish get stuck, facing up, in her throat. The fish’s head is poking out and looking right at the camera, and Lisa can keep him there as long as she wants to. Soon, Lisa’s tongue lifts and when it comes back down, the fish is gone, followed by a loud, “GULP”

There’s stomach noises, burps, yawns and super loooooong digestion scene.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.70GB
TIME: 15:41


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