Lisa’s Special Ingredient

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LISv2 – Lisa’s Special Ingredient – Lisa’s roommate is a Tiny, so it doesn’t pitch in that much around the house, but it doesn’t really make a mess either. Lisa hardly notices her roommate half the time, but it did have a knack for making sandwiches, and it keeps Lisa well fed. Likely a strategy to keep it’s much larger roommate fed, and NOT looking at ‘it’ for sustenance. Tiny has made many different flavors and used many different seasonings to make sandwiches for Lisa in the past, and now Lisa feels like she has tried them all. All but one >:)

Lisa decides to ask her Tiny roommate to eat lunch with her so they can get to know each other better. As Lisa cuts some tomatoe for her sandwich, her Tiny roommate takes a seat on a tiny bench that Lisa set up for it, like eating in the park. Awe, so sweet.

Lisa notices that Tiny has not tried the tiny sandwich she left for him on the bench, and tells it not to be polite and to go ahead and eat up! Lisa explains that she’s not ready to eat because she’s waiting on a special ingredient she’s been anxious to try. Lisa thanks Tiny for turning her into a sandwich connoisseur, but suggests that the ingredient she’s waiting for is for her only, and cannot be tried or tasted by the Tiny.

Lisa teases her Tiny by showing it how big her mouth is and that the sandwich and the special ingredient will be visiting her mouth soon. Lisa’s stomach is rumbling loudly and Tiny can hear it. Confused and oblivious as to what is happening, Tiny finishes it’s sandwich and is full. Now stuffed with the spices Lisa put in her Tiny’s sandwich, she picks up her Tiny and puts it on her sandwich.

Tiny pleads, but Lisa explains that it’s the Tiny’s fault for giving her such ingredients variety, that she’s been craving new and exotic flavors. Sorry, but YOU are the most exotic ingredient I have at the moment, and I know you are gonna taste good!

Lisa lowers the top slice of bread onto her Tiny, and takes a big bite of the sandwich, avoiding her Tiny… for now. Lisa takes a few bites from the sides and as she brings the sandwich to her mouth, her Tiny roommate is half in and half hanging out of the sandwich, and Lisa’s going in for that bite, AAAAHHHHHHH and Tiny slides right down Lisa’s throat.

Lisa finishes her sandwich, licks her fingers and goes poolside for a digestion nap. Lisa burps, yawns and there are lots of stomach noises thorough the clip.

This clip uses special effects to simulate the Tiny person

RES: 3840 X 2160
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TIME: 13:29

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