Lisa’s 1st Fish!

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LISv1 – Lisa’s Unexpected Meal – Lisa is traveling and has reserved an AirBnb, but as she enters one of the rooms, she finds someone else’s stuff, as if someone else is already staying there. Lisa walks around the house, calling ‘Hello?” but nobody seems to be there. Lisa attempts to call customer service, but there’s no answer and she can’t get help.

Lisa finds the kitchen and as she rounds the corner, she finds her unwanted roommate, and asks if they are deaf, because she’s been calling “Hello” of the last 15 minutes. Lisa asks if the person has a reservation because she is not willing to share the house. Lisa gives her unwanted roommie a choice… either they leave, NOW, or Lisa has another option for them >:)

Lisa has given this person a reasonable alternative, but as they refuse to leave, Lise has no choice but to offer them a new place to stay, a new room… a room not in the listing details, because the room is her stomach!!!

Lisa waves her hands and transforms her unwanted guest into a tiny goldfish that she picks up off the floor and drops it into her glass of water. Lisa raises the glass to her face and opens wide to show her roomie where his new room is.

Lisa peers into the glass, teasing and places the glass between her lags so she can pull her hair back, ready to EAT!

Lisa reaches into the cup to extract her prey (this is the moment, the 1st moment that Lisa even touches the fish, and she’s not squeamish at all. usually, the fist time goes with some re-takes, but NOT Lisa! Nope, she handled the fish, and swallowed the fish like she’s done it 100 times)

Lisa dangles her prey over her wide open mouth, then places it on her long, wet tongue. No hurry to swallow, and Lisa allows it to slowly slide down to a wide open throat, where it just slides down and out of view. Lisa follows it down her esophagus and into her stomach where it’s so warm and cozy.

Lisa talks to the fish in her tummy and assures it that it will still have a wonderful vacation, and go everywhere that she goes. They will be a team, at least for a little while.

Many burps follow, as does the yawning. Lisa talks to her victim a bit, but she keeps yawning and is getting very sleepy. Lisa falls asleep in the chair as she digests her tiny snack.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.31GB
TIME: 11:03


LISv1BTS – Lisa’s Digestion Sounds & Behind The Scenes – The clip starts at the end of lisv1, where Lisa is napping in the chair, then Jim tells her to go to her room and lay on the bed to finish digesting. There, Jim gets good shots of Lisa as she digests, and even has her roll onto her stomach to crush a bit. After Jim says ‘cut’ for the last time, Lisa can hear her stomach making noise, so Jim put the camera on her stomach to record her actual stomach sounds as she digests the fish. Then, enjoy some bloopers so you can see what goes into making these clips.Lisa talks about her 1st experience with swallowing a live fish.

RES: 1920 X 1080
TIME: 10:51

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