Eden  Sins in, “Evicted!”

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ESv6 – Eden  Sins in, “Evicted!” – Rent is waaaay past due, and your lack of responsibility is offensive! Aafter helping you get a place to live with your shitty credit, you repay Eden by slacking on the rent and now she has the owners hassling HER over YOUR rent bill. Eden is pissed because she’s here dealing with you instead of having lunch on her lunch break… so it looks like she’ll need to solve 2 problems with one easy solution.

Eden decides to shrink you, and evict you to a new place… a place you can afford, a place you deserve. Yes, this is a great idea because Eden can evict you to her STOMACH, and solve her hunger problem at the same time!

Eden shrinks you, puts you in a capsule and takes you into the basement to evict you. Eden shows you where and how you’ll be evicted, and she describes your new apartment.. a hot, bubbling pool of acid… oh, but don’t worry because the capsule should protect you… for  an hour or two >:)

Eden’s stomach made lots of grumbling noises, and even more noise after she swallowed her tiny in a capsule.
Eden talks to her tiny inside her, while she digests and slowly falls to sleep… zzzzzz

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.12GB
TIME: 13:01


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