Eden  Sins in, “Sprinkle SFX

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ESv6 – Eden  Sins in, “Sprinkle SFX” – Eden sits down to enjoy a cookie, but what’s this on top of her cookie?  “Awe, it’s a tiny person… I’ll name you ‘Sprinkle’, and I promise not to eat you >:)” Eden teases her tiny Sprinkle by opening wide to show him where he could potentially end-up. The giant white teeth chomp at you, and her enormous tongue lashes out at you, but still she says she’s only playin’ and you’re in no danger… ah, but she lies, and opens wide one last time, then Eden stuffs the cookie, and YOU into her mouth, chews, swallows, yummy 😉

This clip came out so cool! The tiny person has been custom animated to interact with Eden as she teases the tiny. The tiny runs all around the cookie, looking for an exit, but none is found. We’re letting this clip go for a low price, but not because it’s not good, but because SFX is new to us and we didn’t do our usual long digestion scene for this clip, but we’re working towards a full length SFX giantess vore themed clip 😉

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 575 MB
TIME: 3:39


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