Eden Sins’ in ‘BUGS!’ SFX

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ESv5 – Eden Sins’ in, ‘BUGS!’ SFX – Eden Sins is hungry, but she has nothing she’s in the mood for. Eden opens cabinet after cabinet looking for a snack, but there’s nothing. As Eden abandons her food search, she turns to go watch some TV, and she see… bugs? “I have bugs now?”, Eden yells. Eden lifts her foot, and smashes the bugs, then goes into the living room, and sits down on the couch. Eden is surfing the channels to find something to watch, and suddenly she notices MORE BUGS at her feet.Eden gets down on their level to get a better look, and “they’re.. theyr’re .. tinies”, says Eden.

Eden scoops up the tinies with her hand, and drops them into a bowl, ya know, so she can snack on them. I mean, may as well, there’s nothing else you can do with them except squash them, and that’s a waste when they are perfectly edible.

Eden reaches into the bowl of screaming and complaining tinies, and pulls them out one at a time to swallow them alive. One by one, she drops them, kicking and screaming, into her mouth.

There are some good tiny screams and GULP sounds when Eden swallows, and some insane stomach digestion sound fx at the end.

NOTE: The tinies are animated and move and react to Eden Sins

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.08GB
TIME: 9:01


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