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ESv15 – Eden’s Forever Pet – You’ve tried to escape before, so this time Eden takes extra measures to insure you never, ever escape again. Eden has you pinned down and taped to the table, and she wastes no time in making you smell her feet and feel the weight of her body push down on your chest. Eden enjoys crushing the wind out of you with her feet, breasts, her ass, and her very loud and grumbly stomach. Smooshed up against the glass, your body vibrates with every churning of Eden’s stomach acids. The more Eden plays with you, the hungrier she becomes and she is finding it difficult to contain her hunger. She just might allow you to escape after all… escape right down her throat! After the swallow scene, Eden takes her time digesting her meal and soon falls to sleep.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.06GB
TIME: 12:31


ESv13 – Face To Face with Eden Sins – You’re face to face with Eden and she’s hungry! Eden says she’s so hungry that she could eat anything (licking her lips and looking at YOU!) Eden licks her lips and her mouth waters as she describes her hunger, when she suddenly notices the bulge in your pants beginning to grow. “Wait a minute, so you’re sexually aroused because I’m hungry and I said I could eat anything? Do you think that anything includes you? Well it does!” says Eden just to get you excited. “Don’t you wish you could go down my pretty throat?” Eden describes all the ways you could slide on her soft tongue and slip into her throat and rest inside of her. Eden moves around while she teases you about your fetish and her body is amazing to look at, and to be inside would be a dream. After Eden swallows you, her stomach makes a lot of digestion sounds before she yawns and falls to sleep.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 9:44


ESv14 – Eden Sin’s in Sole Food POV – Eden has you right where she wants you an there’s no escape this time. You’re Eden’s personal little slave, oh do you hear that, that’s my stomach. Eden shows you her foot and says she will crush you as she demands that you worship her feet. Eden stands towering above you when she turns her back to you, looks at you from over her shoulder and sits right on top of you, smooshing your face and squeezing your breath away. Eden crushes you with her stomach, then her enormous tits, and she’s just having a ball stepping on you, sitting on you, and crushing you with multiple parts of her Amazonian anatomy. All this sexy moving around has made Eden even more hungry, so much so that she picks you up and swallows you down *GULP*
Eden is quite satisfied and there’s a digestion scene and some stomach sounds as she digests.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 9:32


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