Eden  Sins in, “Butt Crush Vore!”

With Special Effects!

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ESv12 – Eden  Sins in, “Butt Crush Vore!” – Eden Sins is alone in the studio and she’s hungry. She doesn’t wanna just help herself to Jim’s food, so she plans to wait for him to return, but then something odd catches her eye. It’s a tiny house… WTF? Eden is curious so she takes a closer look and figures that because she’s in a Giantess film studio, this tiny house may actually have tinies in it.

Unbknownst to Eden, this is YOUR tiny house and building it took a lot of hard work. To top it off, YOUR tiny house has a fantastic view of the VoreWhore studio and you’re really looking forward to watching the girls make vore videos, so you certainly hope Eden’s curiosity doesn’t F it up for you >:|

So, there you are just minding your own business on your own back porch when you hear a BOOMING voice say, “HELLO?, Is anyone in there?”

Oh great, well maybe she’ll go away. Nope, not going away and in fact Eden calls again and again, and she thinks she hears tiny footsteps behind the house, and this frustrates Eden. Eden grows more frustrated every minute because she is hungry, no now she’s HANGRY, and a tiny would be just what she needs right now, but noooooo the tiny has to play hide and seek. Eden slams her fists down around the house, hoping some tinies will start to run for their lives, but the only tiny there is you and you’re not coming out. No F’in Way!

Eden is so enraged that she stands up, turns her gigantic ass towards your house and she threatens to sit down if you don’t come out RIGHT NOW! “OK then, have it your way” she says as she drops all of her weight onto your house .
(Special effects are used so that when Eden sits on the house, dust and debris come blasting out from various parts of the house and her final destruction is cool too)

Your tiny house is built well, and it takes Eden a few drops of all her weight to finally crush your stupid house.

Eden sees you now and she starts to remove the debris from around you so she can pluck you from your hiding spot (the tiny figure is animated, so he ducks down when Eden goes to grab him)

The clip now switches to POV for the swallow. Eden picks up POV, opens her mouth wide, says AAAHHHH and down you go. The POV swallow is done pretty cool, and then we find Eden holding her victim down, then rubbing her belly and feeling very satisfied. There’s no digestion nap, but Eden’s stomach can be heard while she digests her victim sitting up, and what a view that is.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.07GB
TIME: 9:06


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