Eden Sins’ Endoscopic SEXY Tease & Swallow

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ESv1 – Eden Sins’ Endoscopic SEXY Tease & Swallow – Eden Sins is new to us, but she’s been a star content creator for a long time, and she knows just what to say to you tinies >:) If Eden Sins’ believable role-play doesn’t excite you, maybe her stunning beauty, will.

In this clip, Eden Sins talk very close to her tiny (POV) and in the sexiest way possible, teases you with her sexy lips, teeth, tongue and oh that big throat hole!

After the clip ends, there is some behind the scenes footage of Eden Sins using the endoscope. Jim shot the behind the scenes so you could get a better look at ALL of Eden Sins.

RES: 1280 X 720
TIME: 5:33


-Eden Sins’ very 1st Endoscope –
This was the 1st endoscope clip Eden Sins has ever done, but rather than Jim telling her ‘exactly’ how to use this camera, he just let her roll… the clips is sexy for sure, but Eden shows a lot of her body and face, and it’s great, but then Jim wanted another endoscope clip that focused more on/in Eden Sins’ mouth, so they made ESv1 just after this clip was completed.

RES: 1280 X 7200
TIME: 4:02


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