Essence’s Tiny Buffet SFX

With Special Effects!

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ESSv2 – Essence’s Tiny Buffet SFX – Essence has a problem, a Tiny problem. Yup, it seems the Tinies have been multiplying like rabbits and Essence needs to get them under control. Essence explains her Tiny problem as somewhat of a blessing because she has figured out a way to keep them under control… by SWALLOWING them. The blessing? Essence is saving hundreds of dollars each month on groceries because she has plenty of Tinies to eat. It’s working out great, and as there are so many, Essence can relieve some stress by stepping on a few here and there as well.

This was Essence’s first ‘acting/role-play’ gig, but she did ok… no Wink with dialog, but ok, and she’ll get better. The effects are done well and the Tinies are custom created for this clip and they interact with Essence perfectly and are not just clip-art animates. They hang-on, fall, tumble, disappear as the slide down her throat, and a couple get stepped on, HARD. Oh, and one gets SAT on, squish. The clip price is low because we know there are better SFX clips out there, but we’re getting better and better each time we make an SFX clip. Oh, and the Tinies are tiny, very tiny.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 7:54


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