New Model, Essence!
She can Open Mouth Swallow!

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ESSv1 – Essence’s Audition – Essence is a local girl we found, and she might be a star… with some practice. Her role play needs some work, but if you like 80LBS cuties that look like a teeneager, she’s an up and coming star. She open mouth swallows gummy worms with ZERO gag reflex, I’d say that makes her a potential hit. This is Essence’s audition clip and we look forward to seeing how far she’ll come with VORE!

Essence starts her audition by guzzling some RedBull, in an effort to burp… but her burps are small, just like her. So, not much of a burper, but when we asked her to let the gummy slide down her tongue and down her throat without closing her mouth, she did that like a pro!

We’re practically giving this video away, but only because we want our customers to check her out without breaking the bank 😉

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 9:21


‘Justincaseforyou, Inc’ will appear on your credit card
or bank statement as the beneficiary of this transaction

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