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EDv1 – Eden’s Step-Bro Endoscopic Swallow – This is Eden’s first clip with role-play, and she’s pretty dang great at it 😉 Eden is your Step-Sis and she’s had just about enough of your perverted snooping and sniffing of her pantie, socks and now her shoes!?!?!? Eden is in the living room, typing away on her phone, when you walk in blabbering about something… “Excuse you” says Eden. “You can’t just barge into a room and start talking without saying ‘excuse me’, or something?”

Eden advises you that she’s been doing some research on her phone, and you’re just in time for her to try it out… she’s found a way to get rid of you once and for all, and as Eden waves her hands, you begin to shrink! Just as Eden gets up to grab you, you run. “Get back here”, yells Eden as she takes off after you. Oh, you manage to hide for a few minutes, but Eden quickly discovers you, grabs you and shows you were you’re going.

This is were we switch out the hand-held video camera for the endoscope, and Eden shows you her very veiny epiglottis. Eden gives you a grand tour of the inside of her BIG mouth, and also some amazing shots going down her throat.

After some mouth and throat teasing, Eden tells you it’s time for you to go, and she swallows you alive!

Switch back to the hand-held camera for the digestion scene where Eden falls to sleep, stomach growling loudly.

RES: 1280 X 720
TIME: 7:14


EDv2 – Eden’s Open Mouth Gummy Swallows – Not all of the models we audition can open mouth swallow, in fact MOST cannot. BUT Eden CAN open mouth swallow with ease. Eden plays with some gummy bears by putting them between her boobs, between her toes, and open mouth swallows again and again.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.28GB
TIME: 14:45


‘Justincaseforyou, Inc’ will appear on your credit card
or bank statement as the beneficiary of this transaction

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