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BEVv151 – Beverly in, ‘Burped Into Oblivion!’ – Wow, we haven’t seen Beverly since August of 23 so it’s been a minute. Beverly looks to have lost a few pounds, but I’d imagine a diet without ‘live vore’ is lower in calories and nutrients. In this clip, Beverly has rented you a room in her home (Oh, this entire clip was shot inside Beverly’s actual home) Beverly walks into her kitchen to find a counter full of crumbs, and a sink full of dirty, food filled dishes… YUK! Not only did you leave your mess, but it looks like you fed company, and oh what a surprise, all the food was Beverly’s.

Beverly complains out loud about you and she thinks she should just eat you. You and your friends ate all her food anyway, so she should just eat you, to teach you lesson, and fill her belly. Yeah! Beverly runs the garbage disposal, then washes her hands before turning to you and *POOF* uses a shrink spell to shrink you to a more swallowable size.

Beverly is hungry, but she realizes this is it for you and offers to give you a tour of her now enormous body. Beverly ties you to a thread and drags you across her feet and in between her toes, at times she crushes you between her stubbier set of digits. Up her long slender leg and dropped down into her panties. Beverly drags you up between her tits and smooshes you several times until you can barely catch your breath. She shows you her long neck before introducing you to her giant mouth. The better to eat you with my dear.

Beverly plays with the tiny on a string inside her mouth a lot, and in fact there are some fantastic scenes of the little dude in various predicaments that you might really enjoy. Also, Jim used a Tiny that looks like it’s being dangled upside down by it’s ankles.

Beverly’s stomach is roaring in hunger, so playtime is over, and Beverly simply tells her Tiny that it’s time, and *GULP* down you go.

Beverly talks to the tiny meal inside her as she digests, burping loudly in the process. I mean, chick can belch. You feel me? So, very burpy digestion scene where Beverly eventually falls into a digestion nap.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.61GB
TIME: 18:38


BEVv150 – Beverly’s Feeling Blue – Yeah, feeling Blue with her tongue! LOL! This is simply Beverly’s warm-up scene. Beverly hasn’t been on camera for like 6.5 months and Jim wanted to warm her up before jumping into a whole story line thing. Dig?

Ah, lucky little Blue. Beverly sucks Blue, bites, chews, swallows, and rubs Blues face into her gums. It’s hard enough for Blue to breathe thru all the saliva and inside mouth humidity, but Beverly adds to the difficulty by holding Blue tightly between her gigantic gabonzas and sqeezing the air from Blue’s lungs!

Beverly’s stomach calls and asks for room service, so she sends Blue down to satisfy. Lots of big BURPS! Tummy talk, digestion scene and nap time.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 9:40


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