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BEVv143 – Beverly in, ‘The Vore Demo POV’ – Beverly is hungry, so she grabs a banana, peels it and begins to eat it in front of you. Beverly likes to eat bananas because of their nutritional value.. she like food that is healthy and packed with vitamins, minerals and protein is a BIG plus to Beverly. Beverly shows you how she chews up her food, then she describes how her throat muscles push the food down to her stomach. With each bite, Beverly shows you her chewed up food, then she throws her head back to show you how her throat moves to push down when she swallows. Beverly’s stomach makes a few sounds as she eats the banana, so she knows her stomach is doing it’s job. Beverly asks you if you ever thought about being swallowed, and she suggests that you would be far more nutritious than a banana, and she reaches for you, pulls you towards her wide open mouth, and down you go *GULP*! Beverly talks to you inside her belly, and she tells you of her plans to take you everywhere with her… you’re trapped inside and you go where Beverly goes.

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.06GB
TIME: 12:13


BEVv145 – Beverly’s Endoscope Mouth Tour,with Audio – “Mmmmm, you’re so tiny.” Beverly takes the endoscope and gives you a complete tour of the inside of her mouth, and goes as far as she can down her throat to catch some epiglottis action. This endoscope has audio, and also 2 extra cameras that give different views… one camera is pointing up so we get some fantastic views of Beverly’s teeth, tongue and spit… and a top camera that gives you the view of her upper palette and teeth.

RES: 1280 x 720
TIME: 7:46


BEVv144 – Beverly’s Smokey AAAHHHHs – We never do customs, and we never ever do smoking customs… unless the customer pays us a lot, and one customer did pay us a lot to make this clip. If you’re not into smoking, don’t think of it as a smoking clip because Beverly opens her mouth and shows her throat so much in this clip, it’s a mouth, tongue and throat clip with a occasional fog misting out of Beverly’s throat. Definitely worth owning and watching.

RES: 3840 X 2160
TIME: 12:13


‘Justincaseforyou, Inc’ will appear on your credit card
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