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BEVv136 – Beverly in, Hide and Seek – Beverly is looking for you, and she’s starving! Where could you be? I can smell you! Are you under here? I’m gonna find you.

There you are, I see you! Beverly sees you flopping around under the table. I mean, did you expect to flop around until you found water? Great plan. Fortunately for you, Beverly has found you and she rushes you to a cup of water she has waiting for you on the table.

Beverly picks up the glass and holds it to her open mouth, and the fish goes nuts. He’s pretty powerful too cuz he’s a good size fella. Beverly teases her victim by showing her massive throat, a throat that could swallow you whole. She has loud stomach grumbling noises and she makes you listen and know that her stomach is calling you.

Beverly threatens to sit on you and she wraps her feet around you before having had enough fun, she drops you into her mouth, and open mouth swallows you. Effortlessly I might add, no gagging or failed attempts.

There’s a long digestion scene and Beverly burps, yawns lots of digestion sounds.

Then Jim says’ “Cut”, but he keeps rolling because that’s usually when the burping starts, so he’s learned to keep rolling. Jim asks Beverly, “Any burps?” and Beverly burps a couple times, but not loud like usual. Beverly then admits she’s a little hungry, and maybe that’s why, so Jim offers her a donut. Beverly declines the donut and asks about finishing the fish that are still in the tank and make another fish video. So Beverly walks over to the tank to see what’s left, 5 big goldfish remain and Jim cuts here so she can get a bowl for all the fish…

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.21GB
TIME: 10:02


BEVv137Beverly is Still Hungry – This clip picks up just where we left Beverly, at the tank waiting for a bowl to contain her captives. Beverly transports all of the remaining goldfish from the tank to her bowl to make it easier for her to tease them and eat them. Beverly carries her victims over to the red couch and glass table, puts them down and hovers her giant face above the bowl and asks, “Are you ready? I have a long drive home and I don’t want to be hungry.”

Beverly wastes no time, grabs a fish, thanks it for being her snack, and down he went. No problem at all, and Beverly meows and purrs as she reaches for her 2nd snack.

These fish are pretty big and after the 2nd went down, Beverly was starting to feel full… BURP! Ahhh.

Beverly dangles this huge fish over her mouth full of water and she drops him right down her throat. It’s impressive.

Beverly teases then swallows every one of these fat boys, no gagging, smooth as silk each time, so if you like that, Beverly is your Giantess.

There’s a long digestion scene, I mean it has to be because there are a lot of fish digesting in there and we want to watch her fall asleep to process her newly acquired nutrition.

Jim keep rolling after cut and Beverly has a few good burps in her.

Lastly there’s a bout 1 minute where you can watch thru the fish tank (the empty fish tank 🙂 and watch Beverly pack her things and leave, with a belly full of previously living snacks.

The End

RES: 3840 X 2160
SIZE: 1.22GB
TIME: 14:15


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